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  1. So 4A is not what I had thought...

    All the system in the bronco has been around for DECADES at ford. My light 90’s early 2000 expedition had the exact same transfer case……… it’s a system with proven longevity.
  2. NHTSA Investigation

    Nope because there wasn’t the dumpster fire that all the chicken littles on here were complaining about. Notice the engine failure thread stopped in the low 60 number.
  3. Stuck in 4wd with two error messages

    Thanks I’ll check it. The one place I didn’t look
  4. Stuck in 4wd with two error messages

    I was driving back from the car wash and driving in normal mode put it in 4A. When I got home I left it in 4A when I shut the vehicle off. When I went to move it all there or messages kicked including ford pass and it showed the system was back in 2wd. When I drove it to further investigate it...
  5. Stuck in 4wd with two error messages

    Shut my bronco off leaving it in 4A. When I started it to move into the garage got these two warning lights. Crazy part is it is saying it is in 2wd but driving it and making any kind of turn I feel substantial drag binding on the drivetrain. Thought it might be a low battery but it’s a full...
  6. Something doesn't seem right......

    It’s because all the idiots ripping it off acting like it was a mechanical break I bet.
  7. Wildtrak SAS in Snow... very impressed!

    Aren’t all wildtracks SAS? Asking for a friend :-)
  8. It's Here! / But I left it on the lot! :(

    How would you get tax credit without trading it.
  9. Tire bulge on tire side wall.

    Warranty doesn’t include road hazards that’s why. Not to mention oem tires carry no warranty from the manufacturer
  10. Tire bulge on tire side wall.

    Are you on crack? That’s not 100% a factory defect. A hard hit to a deep pothole will do that to a tire easily.
  11. It's Here! / But I left it on the lot! :(

    It’s not some sinister plot. How would you even track that to give a person credit? Not to mention so you not see all the ways to game that system.
  12. Water dripping on exhaust?

    I would almost bet there is an assembly issue.
  13. Water dripping on exhaust?

    It’s condensation from the AC system.
  14. Delivery of Broncos on Order

    Also where do you fall I. Your dealers allocations?
  15. Delivery of Broncos on Order

    Did you reserve a bronco at launch.waning you gave ford 100 deposit and your vehicle and dealer information. Or did you walk into a dealer and order?
  16. 3-Peak Mountain Snowflake vs. Mud Tires in Snow ?

    Snow tires clear as well. It is patently false if someone says a snow tire is designed to hold snow. That isn’t nor has it ever been a design spec of a true snow tire. The most important part of these tires is the tire compound that allows it to stay soft. The exact reason a high performance...
  17. 3-Peak Mountain Snowflake vs. Mud Tires in Snow ?

    That is 100% wrong. Snow packed in a tire would actually decrease traction. Snow tire work because of the specific compound they are made of. They are designed to stay pliable and flexible in freezing conditions. This enables the tread blocks and sipes to confirm or grip to the tiny...
  18. Bronco Raptor Off Roadeo

    One per vehicle.
  19. Front Differential Question: Front axles spin free when in 2WD?

    Yes in 2wd the front axles spin free. Switching to 4wd high or low engages the front axles. If you have advanced 4wd system (4A)the front axle will be electronically engaged when slippage at the rear is detected or under hard acceleration. When either 4WD High or 4WD Low is selected, the system...
  20. Bash Plates are Plastic on my OBX 2023 (UPDATE) OBX is a MISBUILD. Well this is good news. My dealership got me all new bash plates and installed

    The first picture is the only metal skid that comes with the modular bumper. Either of the other two bumpers that piece is plastic. The second picture is the engine skid. That is plastic with the modular bumper or any bumper on the obx. Mine is metal Bc I bought the ford skid plates.