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  1. The on going, never ending "Drowned Bronco" fiasco 🤷

    I felt compelled to keep my viewers up to date on the situation as I try to work my way thru this nightmare... I have 4 updates since I've been back... Please have a watch.... Appreciate it 🤘🏻
  2. You've probably already seen my Bronco underwater on the web?

    I won't go thru the whole ordeal here, now... I simply have way too much in my plate right now but I'll follow up at some point. Was on a week long, 800km tour thru Quebec when this happened crossing a wooden bridge. As beat as I can tell, a beam broke off the bridge under the front passenger...
  3. Raptor Moose on the loose!

    Not my pic... Highway 60 corridor thru Algonquin Park. Moose came out to check out the Raptor 🤘🏻😁🤘🏻
  4. Anyone have a Everglades fender graphic template?

    I could probably manage it without, but just curious... Wanna make a custom, Everglades style front fender graphic for channel branding. Maybe someone has a "canvas" template they could share? Edit: also maybe the hood "power bulge" graphic
  5. 2nd Annual Bronco Stampede Ontario (2023)!

    Hey all... This past weekend, our studious mods on the Ontario Bronco Club FB page along with our partners and sponsors put on a successful Bronco gathering for the 2nd straight year! Last year me and my "Bad Mule" won best in show... This year? I wasn't even close to being in the running 🤘🏻 But...
  6. New SYNC 4A screens coming to your vehicle... to Bronco?!?

    Emails rolling out.... I assume I'm not the first. But this looks tasty... Definitely needed a refresh. I dunno about putting a knob on the screen tho. Hopefully those are just for the portrait oriented screen...
  7. Bronco Trail App review. Here's my take! Ugh!

    How's everyone experience been with this? That good, huh? 🤣 Seems like only Ford could release something so....ummm, Ford-ish. I tested this on both a high end Android smart phone and a generations old iPhone 7 Let's discuss....
  8. Are the Goodyears screw magnets too??

    We all know the Sasquatch Goodyear 35's pick up lots of stones... But I've now picked up two wood screws as well! Both deep enough to puncture. (1st one was a 3.5" decking screw!!) It happens to everyone, sooner or later.... Here is how to repair and plug your own leaking tire. 👍🏻
  9. Finally! New Grill Installed!

    My subscribers probably know the story of how I tried to destroy the front of my 2 door Badlands... Well, today, I rectify the damage... Actually, I just cosmetically make it better 🤷🤣 Have a watch! Like and subscribe 🤘🏻😁🤘🏻
  10. The Lonely Overlander has a new travel partner!

    Some of you probably already know the story of my dog, Jackson.... And his passing last fall. Well, today I want to introduce you to Lexi, the new co-host of the channel!
  11. Another FORScan tutorial: live data logging

    I have to admit, this was probably the most fun making a video with the Bronco so far 😁 Live display and logging of sensor data in the Bronco. Check it out...
  12. My most boring vid yet! ForScan tutorial for Ford Bronco

    Probably has to be the worst subject matter to try and make a video from.... Well, here it is....
  13. Custom DIY BYOD Bronco dash accessory rail!

    Build your own custom Bronco DIY BYOD dash accessory rail, or just shop the links I provide below and build what you see here... Which is totally rad! I wasn't satisfied from what I seen for the Bronco dash accessory mount, particularly at those price points (Bronco tax!?)... So I decided to...
  14. TLOverlander Year in review vid

    A year-end review of TLOverlander's first year!
  15. Is my ambient temp sensor about to fail again!?

    Last winter, we had a -20 cold snap and I'm pretty sure that destroyed the sensor. Well, the 'bomb cyclone' came thru earlier and we got into the minus teens... Today, it's +5 according to my phone, but my car was showing this... And it auto started with the rear defrogger on, seat heaters...
  16. Finding that perfect overland spot, video tutorial!

    This is what it's all about! Finding your wild! Bronco style 🤘 I walk you thru the process of finding YOUR very own nature paradise! Lots to explore while shut-in during this winter storm. Merry Christmas! (This is targeted to Ontario Canada, my back yard.... But lots of valuable info for everyone!)
  17. Are you concerned about fuel going WAY out there? I installed Motobilt's 20L, Wavian Jerry can holder

    I can't imagine what a 2 door, 2.7L V6 Bronco is like, loaded up and aired down, slow crawling across the boonies for fuel range... My 2.3L gives me enough cause for concern.... So I decided to do something about it!
  18. How do you say goodbye to your dog....? Jackson's Last Bronco Trip (The Return North)

    Some of you have probably seen my posts here to my YouTube channel. Adventuring to Ontario Crownland with my faithful dog, Red. Some of you might of noticed my last trip in the fall didn't include my dog 😔 This video was from the summer... It was incredibly difficult editing the footage so I...
  19. Happy Thanksgiving to my American Bronco neighbours!

    This was obviously shot during the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend about a month ago, so enjoy the full autumn splendor and a full-on, camp cooked turkey dinner with all the fixings! Definitely don't miss the drone sequence in the middle of the film👍