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  1. Yeti/Milwaukee

    Hey all, Kind of a niche question, but I've got a Yeti Tundra 45, and i'm looking to stack it on a tool box of some kind. I'm wondering how well the Yeti would fit on top of something like the Milwaukee Packout 22...let me know if it works for you, or if you run something similar
  2. Coming Soon: IAG Rock Armor Skid Plates

    @IAG Performance Any sales or discount codes available right now??
  3. Part #s for the parking sensor grommets for the capable front bumper? Part #?

    it’s been a minute since I did the swap, so my memory is fuzzy, but I don’t think all 4 are the same part number. I purchased 2 new outer sensors (LU5Z-15K859-CA) which will connect directly to your harness at the outer locations. I recycled the inner sensors. As for biting off more than you...
  4. Part #s for the parking sensor grommets for the capable front bumper? Part #?

    It’s the way the sensors plug into the harness— they are at a right angle and will not fit certain nooks and crannies on the capable bumper, and the harness won’t reach. The replacement sensors will give you the clearance you need to make it work.
  5. PPF bubbling/delaminating less than 2yrs old?

    I had a shop do PPF on the entire vehicle. They didn’t do that particular area because of the texture in the paint—they said the PPF would not adhere well and would come off over time. they Ceramic coated the area for me instead.
  6. Top Creaking and clicking

    Mine is definitely not coming from the guide pins. It’s a squeak from inside the hard top itself, and sounds like it’s coming from behind the second row seats. It sounds like two pieces of styrofoam being rubbed together
  7. Top Creaking and clicking

    Do you have a roof rack mounted? I run the oem rack with a light weight rtt in the summer, and I have some horrendous creaking over gravel roads and bumps. Took the tent and rack off for winter, and roof seems to be making a lot less noise. I thought the issue was the oem rack, so I was...
  8. Nav in miles?

    This is great. I’ll give it a shot sometime today
  9. Nav in miles?

    For some reason I’m still on 4.2.1 I’ve connected to Wi-Fi and the Bronco is telling me I’m up to date. It’s not even showing 4.2.2 as an available update Maybe it’s regional, and it’s not in my region yet??
  10. Analog Wheels on a 2023 Bronco - Fifteen52 Photoshoot

    I can see why they reached out, that’s a great looking Bronco
  11. Best on-board air compressor mount

    Another vote for Grimm—super high quality. I suspect it will hold up better long term than some of the other engine bay options. Also, thumbs up to Northridge. I’ve bought a number of things from them and their CS is great.
  12. Ford Accessories Sale?

    Just checked it out, and it’s a great deal, even with shipping up here. Thanks for the tip.
  13. Ford Accessories Sale?

    Nope, accessories.ford.com does not offer a shipping option to Canada, just “pick up at dealer”. I have to go to accessories.ford.ca—the Canadian site, and Ford Canada isn’t having a sale right now:cry: I could come south of the border to pick up, but the road trip would basically negate the savings
  14. Ford Accessories Sale?

    That’s what I thought. Too bad
  15. Ford Accessories Sale?

    Hey all, I keep reading threads about folks buying Ford Accessories at a 20% discount. I’ve been waiting to buy some accessories myself but “the dealer says” they don’t go on sale. Just wondering if there’s a secret code I can use, if there’s a sale coming up that I should wait for, or if I’m...
  16. Does front bumper wiring harness disconnect from both sides of the vehicle?

    That makes sense, with no fogs or sensors…makes for an easy installation 👍
  17. Does front bumper wiring harness disconnect from both sides of the vehicle?

    Quick question; does the front bumper wiring harness disconnect from both sides of the vehicle, or just one?? Cheers
  18. bronco showed up squatchless

    Since you ordered a Badlands, you’re not missing much from the Sasquatch—you still have all the lockers and even a sway bar disco. Take the truck, slap some 35s on it and call it a day. that’s a better option than a beat or overpriced used Bronco, IMO.