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  1. Bronco Raptor side mirrors install on a “non-raptor” Bronco?

    First off this isn’t a perfect solution, but it seems to work well for the moment. So the Initial WPT connector didn’t work, way too big. So without ordering every possible 3 pin connector ford makes that looks possible. The Parts guy went looking around the dealership for leftover parts that...
  2. Bronco Raptor side mirrors install on a “non-raptor” Bronco?

    They work! I’ll post how i did it a little later today
  3. INSTALLED Diode Dynamics Reverse Light Kit (Chase Lights Too)

    Clean install! I wish @Diode Dynamics would come up with a larger 4-6” light bar similar in function to the C1R. It would be a great replacement to the over-spare brake light. Plus it would be a little more OEM+ looking
  4. Mabbett interior lights staying on all the time

    I had this issue, and it happens randomly still. But if I dim the dash lights 2-3 clicks, it turns them off, and then I can increase the dash brightness.
  5. Bronco Raptor side mirrors install on a “non-raptor” Bronco?

    ford parts guy, thinks he’s found the connector, so he’s ordered it. But of course it’s on back order. Should have it by Friday next week.
  6. Bronco Raptor side mirrors install on a “non-raptor” Bronco?

    My lights arrived, test fitted and it's a perfect fit! There is a slight difference in the shape, and the lens definitely has some different optics for the additional lights. Now just to figure out this wiring connector. It's buried inside the housing so I don't think I can get a soldier gun in...
  7. Canada - Ontario WTB: Raptor Rockrails and Side Steps

    Looking for rock rails and side steps from Braptor. All hardware and brackets needed.
  8. Defender-Style Side Box and Ladder?

    It’s at my PO Box in buffalo. It wouldn’t ship to Toronto so I have to go and get it. Unfortunately that won’t be until the end of the month….
  9. Defender-Style Side Box and Ladder?

    Your link isn’t working. But I’ve got the extended OEM style rack and ladder on order. I will report back with my findings
  10. FINALLY! Ford Performance ProCal Calibrations for 2023 Bronco model year (2.3 and 2.7) are LIVE!!

    Any changes in eco mode? I find the shifts too aggressive for most city driving in sport. And prefer the gentler throttle response in city driving. However transmission shifts in eco are really clunky when decelerating and accelerating again. Ex. Stop and go traffic. Doesn’t know if it wants to...
  11. FINALLY! Ford Performance ProCal Calibrations for 2023 Bronco model year (2.3 and 2.7) are LIVE!!

    I wanted to inquire about the automatic transmission changes with the tune. What can I expect to see refined from this tune?
  12. Bronco Raptor side mirrors install on a “non-raptor” Bronco?

    Ive got the lamps on order. From what I can tell the lamp is just a little different on the exterior portion, but the mounting portion should fit. We will see…
  13. WTB: Raptor OEM Rock Rails and OEM Side Steps

    Hi, I’m looking for OEM Rockrails and Side steps, I’m from Toronto, but I can travel to Buffalo for pickup. Thanks!
  14. Does Anything Work With OEM Rack?

    So I saw this rack a few months ago, how did the fitment end up being? I’d like to get the side ladder, pulling stuff out of the roof box is a little tricky.
  15. Raptor Mirror Marker Lights; Part No?

    Ah you guys are the best. This is why I ask here. Hopefully this helps someone else in the future Now to figure out how to disassemble to install these lights
  16. Raptor Mirror Marker Lights; Part No?

    I really love the look of the Braptor Mirror Marker lights. I figure they should be an almost plug and play swap. However I can’t find the part number. For the raptor specific mirror light. I can find the raptor specific mirror assembly but I don’t need all of it. See attached screen shots, can...
  17. Washington D.C. OEM Bronco Raptor side mirror assembly for sale (R & L)

    Would you be able to let me know the part number on the light/parking light part? I’m trying to find just that part number , from the raptor. GLWS
  18. Georgia Fitted Sunshade and 4 window shades for 4 door Bronco

    Would you sell the windshield cover separately?
  19. Control Additional Lights with High Beams…Solution Finally?

    So update here, wiring is temporarily completed. Need to do some finessing to get it nice and pretty, but it's fully functioning. The XBB PowerUnit isn't waterproof, so I wanted to try and keep it in the cabin. I purchased a relay holder, off Amazon, and bolted it under the dash close to the...