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  2. New York Sasquatch Goodyear Territory MT 315/70R17 Tire

    I have 1 Sasquatch tire available. Goodyear Terrritory MT 315/70R17. It was used on the rear for about 1.5k miles. You can take factory specs with a grain of salt but the specs on the tire new are 16/32nds tread depth and this measures 15/32nds. Ideally pick up in Buffalo, NY area but can...
  3. Need part # for fender flare pin

    I pulled my fender flares off for the first time and there are 2 missing pins (or clips or plugs whatever they’re called). These are the pins that snap into place when you first push the flare on. Can anyone help me with a part number for it? Thanks.
  4. Toyota slashes Sept. global production 40%. A sign of what’s to come?

    Toyota slashes global production 40%. A sign of what’s to come? My dirt mountain rig is starting to look good. https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/toyota-slash-september-global-production-40
  5. Received Bronco Visa card

    I just wanted to post a picture of the Bronco Visa card I just received. I had the black card and sent a message to the credit card company through their app and requested the Bronco one and they sent it. There are other threads on here discussing the card and I think it is a good one to have.
  6. Jeep upping their game. Jeep Underwater Submarine

    Jeep just upped their game. They’re working on the Jeep Sub. https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/its-jeep-thing-iconic-wrangler-will-be-able-drive-underwater-company-teases
  7. New Wild Mustang (Bronco) Gold Coin from the US Mint.

    I saw this today in a US Mint catalog.
  8. Bronco Sport FE reservation sold $11,100 ebay

    Just happen to be browsing Ebay and came across a completed auction for a reservation for a Bronco Sport First Edition for $11,100. Can’t help but wonder if the buyer thought he was getting a real Bronco...
  9. 2.7l and 10 speed reliabilty, turbos shot at 40k

    Update 1/22/2021 Just got my truck back from service for the turbos. As per the repair ticket "Found excessive axial play in compressor wheels and verify compressor wheels contacting compressor housing on both turbos with damage to fins on turbos. Remove both turbos and replace Found coolant...
  10. Alternative options for Navy Pier interior - seat covers, custom upholstering, etc?

    Until today I was most likely going to pass on a FE because I wasn't thrilled with any of the exterior choices and very much dislike the Navy Pier interior. The Lightning blue addition changed my mind but I still don't like the Navy Pier. I'm still hoping Ford offers an alternative but suppose...