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  1. Undercoating & Aluminum Panels

    only rear fenders are steel, use a magnet and it’s easy to find
  2. California Brand new 2022 Ford Bronco 2.7 V-6 lifted 4 door, $59k or BO

    show sticker; you are likely 10k more than someone willing to entertain
  3. Need Positivity - Bronco Worth The Wait?

    6 months and 4k miles and no complaints, mine is pretty quiet with exception of tire noise. It drives great and has been amazing for MN winter driving so far. Waited exactly 2 years and I would do it again.
  4. So 4A is not what I had thought...

    with advanced transfer case, slippery defaults to 4A
  5. Win an ARB Portable Compressor this Holiday Season

    subbed to YT, Merry Christmas!
  6. Best Snow Settings ?

    slippery works great, it does attenuate throttle so response is lower
  7. Owning your Bronco for decades. Best practices?

    I get what you are saying but from personal experience on a 2014 f150, spraying fluid film yearly there was zero rust after 7 MN winters. Avoiding undercarriage car washes during winter then using salt away in spring to wash off residue
  8. Owning your Bronco for decades. Best practices?

    look at lanolin undercoating, it works and no reason to be scared in winter. I daily my Bronco in MN and have no concerns.
  9. How Do You Prep Your Bronco for Winter Weather?

    spray fluid film and surface sheild using undercoating gun. Takes a hour each year. Sprayed 2014 steel body f150 every year and zero rust before I sold last year. Getting into frame rails and rocker panels is most important
  10. It's Here! / But I left it on the lot! :(

    Confused...why not buy Bronco and sell car in town "30min" away?
  11. Questions about heated steering wheel…..

    mostly at 10 and 2 and quickly becoming my favorite option
  12. Who should I blame for these POS tires on my new Bronco? Goodyear Ford or both?

    Have a f150 tremor with grabbers and travel same gravel roads as Bronco with GY, have yet to pick up more than a couple rocks with Grabbers...
  13. Easy and inexpensive interior lighting upgrade

  14. Mudflaps or tires?

    I agree that flaps do not completely eliminate rock hits; I would apply PPF to rocker and 6 inches to bottom of door in addition to flaps
  15. Different Engine Sound in 2.7L - Badlands vs Wildtrak

    driven my wildtrak for 5 months and no fake sounds that I notice….
  16. Does My Financial Decision Make Sense?

    10k for you, 10k for wife (if married) in ibond will return around 8% over next 12 months. pay off the remainder of loan.
  17. Undercarriage protection?

    Lots of discussion on forum about this topic, short answer is spray fluid film or equivalent yearly to undercarriage and inside frame and other penetrations
  18. Is this how undercoat should look?

    fluid film will creep and spread several inches, just use microfiber and wipe any areas you find on paint