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  1. Texas [FS in DFW] Black Diamond steelies with 35” tires, set of 5

    Selling a set of (5) Black diamond steelies with 35” tires. Wheels have 22k miles on them, tires have 10k miles. One of the tires is brand new (mounted on spare), the other tires have excellent tread left, even wear, no cupping, no signs of camber issues. Also included the factory Bronco center...
  2. Texas [WTB/WTT] Looking for SAS fenders (2-door), can trade for non SAS or buy - DFW

    Looking to buy a set of SAS fenders, also willing to trade my non-SAS fenders. 2-door. Located in North Dallas.
  3. What's up with most of the take-off wheels and tires being sold as a set of 4?

    I've been looking for a take-off set of wheels and tires for my Bronco and it seems like everywhere I look there are people listing them as a set of 4, not 5. Are people upgrading their wheels and tires but not the spare? Or is it tire shops that are keeping the extra wheel/tire? I just don't...
  4. Texas Sold: [WTS] ZROADZ Bronco Prerunner Baja Bar with amber LED lights (new pictures added)

    Good afternoon everyone, I'm looking to sell my ZROADZ Bronco Prerunner Baja Bar with amber LED lights for $500 $400 $300. It's this setup exactly-...
  5. The true cost of paying dealership markup

    Stolen from Reddit.
  6. Texas [WTB] SAS takeoff tires DFW

    Looking to buy takeoff tires from SAS, located in DFW. Cheers and happy new year! 🥳
  7. Texas Sold: ROUGH COUNTRY 51054 HIDDEN WINCH MOUNT - price drop

    Selling a brand new Rough Country Hidden Winch mount kit (51054). This kit was never mounted and I only took it out of the box to take pictures and because the outer box was deteriorating. Asking $275 $250 local in DFW or best reasonable offer. PM for contact info. Not really interested in...
  8. 2 door pet/cargo divider?

    Do any of you know of a pet divider for the 2-door 6G FSB? I found this but it's only made for the 4 door for some reason- https://www.jcroffroad.com/product/BR6RMP-PET.html
  9. Texas Sold: OEM Safari bar

    Hello everyone, I bought this safari bar off of another member a few weeks ago, but this past weekend I ordered a prerunner bar so I'll be selling mine. It's currently mounted but I can take it off any time. Bar is in excellent condition and has not been bumped or anything. I bought it for...
  10. Texas Sold: 2-door hard top, roof panels (with bags)

    GONE Brand new factory hard top for 2-door, and roof panels (two with bags) taken off my 2021 Bronco 2 door. I installed a Bestop soft top on my Bronco and don't plan on putting the hard top back on. The parts were mounted and used for exactly 99 miles and are 100% mint condition/as-new. Hard...
  11. How much should I sell my hard top, roof panels, and roof bars for?

    Howdy everyone, I received my 2-door black diamond on March 31st this year and before the end of the next day I removed my hard top and replaced it with a Bestop soft top. After installing the Bestop I realized I'm never going to go back to the hard top as the Bestop is removable but not very...