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  1. Baja Forged | ADVfiberglass fender flares Bronco Build at SEMA 2021

    I love these bumpers! Someone find out who builds these! Please!
  2. Has Anyone figured out “Traced Units”?

    Is there somewhere we can look to see what the “traced” status is on our Bronco. Spoke with the dealer yesterday. Not sure where he is getting his info, but he claims that they had over 100 Bronco orders (mostly with MIC top), and they are being told they will receive 3 with MIC top. Said that...
  3. How many Wildtrak orders have gotten their build dates and VINs?

    Wildtrak, SAS, 2.7, LUX, MIC, Tow Package, Leather. Reservation date of 7/13. Scheduled Build date 7/12/21
  4. When will all the accessories be available??

    Has anyone heard when all of the accessories are going to be available?? I want to be the first one with the doors that have the cutouts in them!! :-)