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  1. Where's the flappy mud flaps? 🤷

    Is it just me, or shouldn't an offroad vehicle have super-flappy, flexible mudlfaps? All I see available are semi-rigid plastic flaps that would no doubt snap and break while passing over large rocks, etc. I envision something closer to a transport truck flap (smaller of course) Is there...
  2. Is the factory tranny skid plate available on its own?

    Just looking for some piece of mind... Pleasantly surprised that my 2 door Heritage came with the gas tank skid already... Seen the whole factory kit available from Ford but can't seem to find just the 1 plate. Aftermarket units are pricey. Even the Maybett one 🤷 Options?
  3. 2 door Heritage gunner hatch. What's this??

    Noticed these extra panels on my 2 door Heritage on the inside of the roof. There's one on each side.... Asymmetrical... One side is forward and the other side is rearward. My guess is some structural reinforcing but why the screwed on metal plate?
  4. What is this mounted on my brand new 2024?

    My 2021 didn't have this... Definitely not the actual tow hitch 🤷 Sticking out right here under my rear bumper
  5. Anvil Offroad 1" lift...?

    I dunno about most, but I kinda like the slight rake on my 2 door. BUT with a winch going on the front soon, I want to keep the take and not have excessive droop (and maintain ride quality) Most spacer leveling kits I see include a top AND bottom strut spacer. What is the reason for this...
  6. Canada - Ontario WTB/WTT Factory 2 door sidesteps for factory rock rails

    Side steps aren't needed for me on my 2 door.... Off of Heritage. BRAND NEW Looking for 2 door factory rock rails. Located in Kitchener Ontario
  7. She's almost home....

    From being scheduled a day after ordering, and being bumped up a week... Day shift driver got my Heritage to the depot half way to my dealership... The afternoon shift driver decided to take Friday off! She'll wait here until Monday...
  8. 1000's of Bronco's at MAP waiting for headlights?

    Was in touch with a friend who drives for Cassens while I wait for my Heritage.... He said everything is on hold there because of a headlight shortage....? He also says the Rangers are waiting for headlights as well. Anyone hear anything? I was told my Bronco made it down the line with no...
  9. If you had a Heritage, would you go white sidewall lettering?

    I'm kinda leaning that way... I mean, if I can make it look like they (Sasquatch Goodyears) came that way 🤷🏻 For my Azure grey 2 door btw (pic for reference)
  10. Bronco Build Week 02/12/2024

    I initially had week of the 19th for my 2 door Heritage but was bumped up.... For now! 🤷
  11. Ford winch kit frame reinforcement brackets?

    Most people recommend these when it comes to a winch install. I think MOST aftermarket winch mounts don't use them... Basically it's a doubling bracket that ties the frame together to the winch mount. Wondering if the parts can be ordered separately from the kit/what the part # are and hardware...