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  1. EZTrunk hard top lift experience?

    How well does it roll around? My driveway is a bit rough and I am worried with the smaller wheels on this unit it may be an issue, but like that it folds as my garage is a tiny one car that my wife uses in the winter.
  2. CARBONIZED GRAY Bronco Club

    Fun on some flooded dirt roads.
  3. What did you do TO / WITH your Bronco today? 👨🏻‍🔧🧰🚿🛠

    Went looking for mud and surprised the trails where pretty dry except a few flooded sections.
  4. BlinkyLightMgr

    Bronco Everglades

    I think Ford has stock in locktight. Mine had a ton on the threads along with the plastic hardtop not perfectly aligned. I resorted to starting with the rachet to know I got them free then switching to power tools. I removed them as I was replacing them with rockworkx thumb screws. Glad I...
  5. Bronco Branded Tools Roll-up Kit

    I repurposed it to hold all the odds and ends have for my bronco but not installed.
  6. First official photo - what’s yours?

    Searched the dealer's lot after it was delivered. Sales guy didn't even know it was there yet.
  7. Bronco Branded Tools Roll-up Kit

    Got mine today happy overall with it. I was ok paying the extra for the convenience of a pre-made pretty complete kit. PS -- Shop around online with the part #. I found it listed almost $100 less than Ford's site.
  8. BlinkyLightMgr

    Bronco Everglades

    That was the best price I found to.
  9. BlinkyLightMgr

    Bronco Everglades

    Thanks, was shopping for one earlier then got side tracked.
  10. BlinkyLightMgr

    Bronco Everglades

    Any issues getting the bolts out for the tow-loop/recovery point?
  11. Question about Theft - RFID blocking protection.

    Each fob and vehicle are paired so to program another fob you need access to the vehicle and either both OEM fobs or take it to a dealer/locksmith.
  12. FordPass Rewards usage.

    TY, that was easy... lol
  13. FordPass Rewards usage.

    Had my Everglades about a month too. I tried the search on here and looking at Ford's site. Only reference I saw was Ford App and truck modem need to stay active for 60 days.
  14. FordPass Rewards usage.

    How long does it take for the 42,000 points for a new purchase to show on your account?
  15. SandyCats kinetic rope and soft shackles -- feedback / reviews?

    Anyone use SandyCats products? They are US based but sell imported ropes and shackles. They state the products are certified. I have been trying to buy American but also realize that these product are not something I will be using regularly. Wonder if the $200+ I'd save would be better...
  16. 2024 Bronco Scheduling This Week (2/29/24) for Production Weeks 4/1 - 4/22

    Guess the dealer never canceled my original order, 8/26 order scheduled week of 4/1. Meanwhile I am driving my Everglades I ordered 11/20 and picked up last week.