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  1. Rear Headrest Broken?

    The rear headrest in my 2dr stopped folding down when I pull the strap. Does anyone know whether there is a TSP or anyone who has fixed this on their own? I'd rather not have to take another trip to the dealer.
  2. OJ's Bronco For Sale

  3. I Don't Hate It... Bronco as Back to the Future Time Machine

    By OP: "Been messing around with an image AI app, and asked it to create the Bronco as the time machine from Back to the Future. Gotta say, I don’t hate it."
  4. Walmart Parking Lot Gem

    You never know what you'll see in the Wally World parking lot.
  5. Noisy Suspension

    I'm wondering if the noise I keep getting is normal or not. First, when using trail turn assist (yes, only on slippery surfaces) I get a sound from the drivers front side that sounds like what I can only describe as the sound the springs used to make on old lift up garage doors. I also get this...
  6. Love it or laugh at it?

    Is it any surprise that I spotted this one in Southern California?
  7. Cheap Bimini Shade For 2 Door?

    I see loads of cheap bimini shades for sale on Amazon and elsewhere, but none for the 2dr. Does anyone have a link for a cheap version for the 2dr? Or, has anyone tried using one designed for a 4dr on their 2dr?
  8. Anza Borrego Quick Trip

  9. Sound from Tailgate Area

    I've had my Basesquatch for a little more than a month, and it started a new sound. I wonder if any of you have it too. In the tailgate area I hear what I can best describe as the type of squeak Styrofoam makes when it rubs against itself. Regular road bumps make the "squeak." I've definitely...
  10. Aftermarket Roof Rack Options?

    Am I the only one who is not a fan of the factory roof rack? I want to carry surfboards and maybe an enclosed roof box from time to time. Does anybody know some good alternative rack options? I have a 2dr, so I'm sure that's going to complicate my search.
  11. Let's See How You Transport Your Surfboard

    I know that there are attachments for crossbars to carry surfboards, but have any of you gone a different route? I'd love to see some pictures of how any of you are traveling with surfboards. I've got a 2dr coming (someday) and I haven't purchased racks yet.
  12. 6/27 Build Week

    Figured I'd start this thread. I've been pushed back twice. Hopefully I'll stay in this group. Anyone else have a build date for this week?
  13. Four 2Ds on Dealership Lot

    I just stopped for a minute at the dealership down the street from my house. They had four two-door broncos on the lot--2021 models. Two were wild tracks, one big bend, and one without badges. Each of them had larger aftermarket wheels on them. The window stickers ranged from $66K to $76K. It's...
  14. Air Design SEMA Bronco Build spotted in SD (white roof, white fender flares, white wheels, white grilles, white bumpers)

    I saw this on the road in North County San Diego. I laughed out loud. Sorry for the crummy pictures. More pics from SEMA: https://www.bronco6g.com/forum/threads/air-design-bronco-build-at-sema-2021.27375/
  15. Who is going to use third-party financing?

    As I was going through the build and price tool looking at Bronco configurations, I noticed that the monthly payment is calculated using a 5% auto loan rate. I assume that is what Ford Financing is going to be offering when we finally get our Broncos. Who is considering using third party...