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  1. IAG Products? IAG Mini Bull Bar

    Zero rattling and zero rust so far! I have been very happy with it!
  2. IAG Products? IAG Mini Bull Bar

    I bought one similar to that, but from 21Offroad(stickerfab). It's probably the same bar as the IAG one you linked. Mine was under $100 and has been great so far. I love the look. https://www.stickerfab.com/products/21-offroad-mini-bull-bar-2021-bronco
  3. VelocityBronco

    Michigan Bronco Club

    @Broncogirl66 I haven't made plans yet for sure, but I was thinking of going to DI on Saturday the 8th just for part of the day. Not organizing any trail rides there, just exploring. FYI, registration for Bronco the Mac is now open...
  4. Slide Out Tailgate Uses

    It comes up level to the back seats when they are folded down, so maybe 3-4"?
  5. Slide Out Tailgate Uses

    If you are talking about the Ford slide, Yes, I sit on mine with no issues. Its rated for 600lbs. I used my Fordpass points to buy mine, its great. Kids love to sit on it. It allows me to stuff the back of the Bronco (coolers, gear) and be able to pull out the tailgate to sit or work on. I have...
  6. VelocityBronco

    Michigan Bronco Club

    Yes, June 7th is the Bronco the Mac event, 2nd annual. It was fun last year and I plan to do it again next year. While up there, a few people did some trail rides and some went to Drummond Island.
  7. VelocityBronco

    Michigan Bronco Club

    I think 2.3/10spd is a solid combo.
  8. VelocityBronco

    Michigan Bronco Club

    IMO, remember, just my opinion, Auto is better for off-road than manual.
  9. Lug Nut Torque Spec

    100 lb/ft Bronco Wheel Torque Specs
  10. 22,000 Mile Update (Toyo R/T Trail Tires)

    I have these tires as well, they have been great for the last 5,000 miles. I will be doing a rotation soon, but wear has been perfect, they balanced very well, and off-road traction is everything I hoped for with these! I like that they are D rated tires, so perfect area for the Bronco, IMO. Not...
  11. VelocityBronco

    Michigan Bronco Club

    I sent a request to the administrator. Changed it pretty quick!
  12. Tailgate Table recommendations?

    I love my @JcrOffroad table, made in Michigan and hasn't rattled yet! Also, no drill install. It has molle on one side, but just put your stickers over it.
  13. CAT back Exhaust - which do you prefer?

    Quick question, Why did you choose the axle back vs. the CAT back version of the S-Type? I am considering the CAT back, but would like to get some input between the 2 options.
  14. VelocityBronco

    Michigan Bronco Club

    The Bronco Takeover is a great event! It was nice to see MI Bronco Club have a tent and event stickers! Hope to see even more people there next year!
  15. VelocityBronco

    Michigan Bronco Club

    Bronco Graveyard has a flag and mount that attaches to the Bronco Trail Sight that looks great. I got my flag from Dragonback Motorsports online, it's 2 piece so it packs easy. I made my own flag mount.
  16. VelocityBronco

    Michigan Bronco Club

    I am running the new Toyo Open Country R/T Trail. They has been amazing so far, and after running them in the dunes for the past 5 days, zero issues in sand! I have the 315/70R17, D-rated. I would recommend these tires.
  17. Anyone drive their Bronco only for 4x4'ing?

    I give it a good wash and put a trickle charger on it. I don't start it or move it again until spring. This has worked for me for 2 winters so far.
  18. Sasquatch- Suspension dive when braking

    Install a set of SVC or RPG perch collars, you'll stiffen the springs and get 2"+ of lift! This will also decrease ride comfort, but I like mine a little more stiff, so it's been great for me.
  19. Help me find a shift knob I saw.

    This? https://www.twistedshifterz.com/products/2021-2022-2023-bronco-6g-7-speed-bronco-grill-pattern-white-custom-shift-knob-and-adapter?variant=40362463264873&currency=USD&utm_source=google&utm_content=sag_organic&utm_campaign=sag_organic&_vsrefdom=adwords
  20. “Transmission Not In Park” alert with doors off

    When doors are off, first thing you do before starting is put your buckle(s) on, then hit the Start button, but just tap it, not starting the Bronco, just start Accessory mode. After those 2 conditions are met, press your foot on the brake and start it up. You should have no messages. This...