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  1. In LOVE with the Bronco! Want to leave car...

    A month after I turned 40, I got a black diamond. Arguably one of my most favorite vehicles I’ve owned so far. That being said, while deals can be negotiated in your favor, negative equity is a hard nope for new car deals for me. I’ll be damned if I’m knowingly gonna pay someone $5K extra to...
  2. Victory: dialed in the Kicker 200.4 and 500.1 amps with upgraded speakers and Gearshade hidden 8" sub

    I did not notice a passenger side grommet. Even so, running the wire in from the driver’s and under the dash to the passenger side is doable. Instead of using an add a tap, I did use one of my aux switches as a remote wire for this amp since it accepts inputs like this (aux number 6). Ran that...
  3. Standard Bumper Mods

    Capable bumper has very limited mods for it as well but there are some hard to reach mounting points behind the bumper. For example, I have a M&R light bar mounted on my capable bumper and will probably upgrade the fog lights to something with 4 pods from them or I believe @Diode Dynamics ...
  4. Oracle Tail Light issue / no backup light

  5. ROCK TRIX RT117 Wheels

    Wait - now I remember! After reading like hundreds of pages in that huge wheel / tire thread, you posted that pic and that’s what made me start looking for these wheels. Dude - thank you!
  6. ROCK TRIX RT117 Wheels

    I was debating the +18 or 0. I’m ok with the +18 now. The gunmetal silver one was just a bit too shiny for me. If it was more gray, I would’ve scooped them.
  7. ROCK TRIX RT117 Wheels

    This was the color/wheel I almost went with. They look great.
  8. ROCK TRIX RT117 Wheels

    Vision Turbine 17x8.5 in matte black. Discount Tire price matched them at $149 a wheel during the eBay 20% deal that was running (eBay’s additional discount had them down to $132 a wheel). To avoid any delivery issues, I bought them and scheduled install through Discount Tire. After install and...
  9. ROCK TRIX RT117 Wheels

    Was interested in this brand before ultimately going with the Vision wheels. Amazon had them around $135 a wheel about 4 weeks ago. I was going for the gray color wheels to match my carbonized gray.
  10. Possibly for sale?

    I’m with @TXBronco1313 on this one. That should be your wife’s truck until your aren’t underwater on it and have some trade equity in it. And even then, it will most likely will be lower for being a ‘21 and that many miles. The upgrade bug is a real thing, but y’all should just be enjoying the...
  11. Possibly for sale?

    Still owe $43,000 on a ‘21 Big Bend?
  12. Capable Bumper - Light bar?

    That’s what I picked up. Nice and snug under the grille.
  13. Revert to Stock from 4" lift and 35's?

    Does she ride all the time? Maybe get some power fold steps? How bad was the gas mileage?
  14. CARBONIZED GRAY Bronco Club

    There’s something about this color. My last two F150s and my previous Explorer were the same. Picked her up in February and have been working on or adding something to her every weekend ever since…
  15. What did you do TO / WITH your Bronco today? 👨🏻‍🔧🧰🚿🛠

    Put in a stinger 12” box with a Kicker Key 500.1 today. Man does it sound awesome…
  16. Cheap Fast & Easy Upgrade : POLK AUDIO DB402 DB+ Series 4" Coaxial Speakers

    While we’re at this - anyone mounted a Kicker Key 500.1? I see where everyone puts the Kicker Key 200.4 but the 500.1 is bigger and may not fit there. Since I got the wash out floor, I’m probably gonna have to mount it up in the dash on the passenger side.