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  1. Ford Financing

    I got mine three weeks ago and was preapproved at my credit union for the lowest they had being 6.49% and Ford beat it offering 5.86% plus 1k incentive for taking Ford credit, this was for 60 months
  2. For 6 months I've been driving uncomfortable

    I too need the part number to order an adjustable headrest!! If anyone knows please help!
  3. Seats are causing me back pain! Any seat jackers or way to bend the headrests?

    So I just picked up my 23 badlands on Wednesday and my headrest does not tilt and i need to replace it asap as i have a bad neck and this one ouches my head forwards. Does anyone know how or where i can get a replacement that tilts? I heard a tilting headrest is standard for all 24’s?
  4. Bronco Build Week 12/11

    Has anyone got their Bronco yet? Mine has been sitting on a ramp at the railyard waiting for transportation to the dealership since the 26th.
  5. Can I negotiate price?

    Yes, why not now that dealers have them on the lot to sell for under MSRP? I also ordered a 2023 last year, it’s now 2024 and new models are being shipped at same time as mine so I figure it isn’t worth as much as a 2024 by that alone!
  6. Can I negotiate price?

    Thanks all for the feedback, I will at least try and secure a little deal if possible.
  7. Can I negotiate price?

    I’m awaiting delivery of my 2023 Badlands order and since I’m seeing online people posting how they’re selling for under MSRP on the lot I wondered if I might have a chance of negotiating lower than MSRP?
  8. Bronco build week 12/4/2023

    8.5% is ridiculous l, I’m shocked it’s not closer to 6.5
  9. Bronco build week 12/4/2023

    Has anyone taken delivery yet? Just wondering what interest rates Ford have been offering for the bronco?
  10. Bronco Build Week 12/11

    My salesman called me earlier, said my car has arrived at the final rail destination and he’s just waiting for it to be picked up and delivered to the dealership. He said it could take 30 minutes or two weeks….so the waiting game continues
  11. Bronco Build Week 12/11

    I haven’t been able to get on Ford Chat been trying for Days
  12. Bronco Build Week 12/11

    According to Ford Marketing my Bronco is in transit but the tracker only says built. Neither Ford Marketing or my dealer will give me the rail car info, dealer text me one word response ‘no’. Effing rude. Marketing says they’re no longer giving out rail info. Spoke with two different people...
  13. Will rail car# change at any point?

    Just called Ford Marketibg twice, spoke to different person each time and neither would give me rail info and told me to ask my dealer. Second person did say they’ve stopped giving out that information now. Text my dealer and his response was point blank no.
  14. Bronco Build Week 12/11

    Thanks! I’m thinking mine won’t be ready before mid January with all the holidays
  15. Bronco Build Week 12/11

    I’m in NC, I wonder how long it takes to get here once it’s on its way???
  16. Bronco Build Week 12/11

    My tracker has updated to built and awaiting shipment. My window stick never showed up on the tracker but did via the link posted here but now even that doesn’t work. I thought “glad I screen shot it!” Then looked and realised I didn’t! Ugh!
  17. Bronco Build Week 12/11

    I believe it’s the final stage of production where the chassis and body of the car are put together to completion
  18. Bronco Build Week 12/11

    At the very very top of the window sticker you’ll see near the middle ‘blend’ and the last digits to the code above it is the blend date, mine ends 1216
  19. Bronco Build Week 12/11

    Anyone got any updates? Everything has stayed the same for me since Friday. My window sticker (only visible on the link above, not in my tracker) has blend date 12/16
  20. Yellowstone Bronco Heritage Limited dealer pictures for those anxiously waiting

    Worst colour combination I’ve seen imo, just awful!