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  1. Moving Up in the World

    That sounds like a good plan having a mechanic check it out and drive it. I would guess the dealer doesn't want to deal with the alignment and worn tire issues and would just give a discount for that. But you might want to look into a shop that can at least do a good alignment, remove spacers...
  2. Moving Up in the World

    It looks like it has wheel spacers to push the stock wheels/tires out that far past the flares (even though they aren't the Sas flares). That alignment does need some help for sure. Based on the front tire wear and that alignment, be prepared for it to drive a lot rougher than your Bronco...
  3. Delaware WTB 2 Door Hardtop panels

    I saw a complete 2 door hardtop with the front panels in Westchester PA for $1K if you're still looking. Marketplace - OEM FORD BRONCO 2 DOOR HARDTOP FACTORY LIKE NEW | Facebook
  4. Moving Up in the World

    The 2 door Broncos don't have a lot of cargo space so if that might be an issue for you, you might want to stop by a dealer that has a 2 door just to check it out. It does seem odd that someone did those addons to a $51K truck and the dealer is under $40K on it, but a used 2 door with...
  5. Are You Using Seat Covers?

    I have the RC covers on my base Sas 2 door mainly to protect the cloth seats. They fit pretty snug.
  6. MPG! Not complaining.

    I've gotten up to 22.5 mpg on a longer drive around 58-60 mph with no stops with my base 2 door Sas 2.7 so it's definitely possible. I did that with 87 octane so if your truck has had 93 octane I could see it doing another 1-2 mpg because of that. I'm guessing the previous owner was running 93...
  7. Does Eco mode change boost characteristics?

    Does anyone know for sure what Eco mode really does besides less throttle response and earlier auto trans shifting? Does it restrict boost at lower rpm's (that would make sense), does it close the intercooler shutters, does it lock/unlock the torque converter earlier in autos? I drove in...
  8. Then this happened...

    Nice, I went with the 35x12.5x17 KM3 that I got from a member here and had them mounted on some 17x9 wheels and I like them more than I thought I would.
  9. MPG hit of bigger tires on OBX

    I went from the stock Goodyear 315/70/17 on my base Sas to BFG KM3 35x12.5x17 which are heavier and I'm still averaging around 17.5 mpg and I do mostly local driving with short trips. I can get over 20 mpg on longer drives with the 35's, the 2.7 and auto and that was with 87 octane.
  10. Some cat backs are sold as being 2.3/2.7 compatible?

    The stock rear tailpipe hanger is in a different location for the 2.3 vs the 2.7 so if an exhaust system (cat-back or axle-back) is advertised as working for both, you need to make sure it has a separate hanger bracket. They usually bolt right up to the 2.7 but need a brackets bolted onto the...
  11. IAG mud flaps w/ Ford factory rock rails?

    Which IAG mudflaps did you get, they have the I-line which are smaller and the larger curved ones that are similar to Mabbet. I went with the larger ones on my base Sas and I have the hoop steps which have a similar rail to the rock rail. No clearance issues with the rail, but I also have...
  12. (UPDATED) Rotational squeak / squeal noise below 30mph after driving

    I wanted to update this. I did a longer drive the other day and I can hear a little bit of noise again which is probably due to the heat. I'll try massaging the boot again to see if it helps, but most of my driving is 10-20 minutes so not a lot of time for the heat to really affect it unless I...
  13. Ford ProCal tune pricing

    I thought I saw it listed a couple of places around $629 a week ago but they might have been sales that end soon.
  14. Bronco Team 2 door.

    I think it's around 6-7" drop. The ProComp wheels are -6 offset so the spare sticks out another 1-1/4" compared to the stock Sas wheels/tires so it definitely needed a drop to clear the spare with the trailer latch in the up position. The trailer actually looks pretty level with that drop.
  15. Bronco Team 2 door.

    I have the 2.7 with automatic and with the Sas gearing it tows easily. I have a 10 minute drive to the river and all the roads are 45 mph or less so I haven't had a chance to get it on the highway. My boat is 16' so it's not that heavy, maybe 750-800 lbs for the boat, motor and trailer.
  16. Bronco Team 2 door.

    Took the boat out Mon and Tue while we had some 70 degree weather. River is still running high from all the rain, but it was worth it.
  17. VRTuned vs. FPR Calibration on 2.7

    Yeah, I was referring more to the plug in boxes like JB4, Superchips, etc. I would hope a full blown custom tune changes the trans shifting. Does the Whipple modify the shifts with the automatic?
  18. VRTuned vs. FPR Calibration on 2.7

    I think the ProCal is the only tune that modifies the auto transmission shifting and that's a big selling point of that tune. It sounds like most of the other tunes will net more power, but the improved shifting trumps that.
  19. Intake mods

    It's been a couple of months since I did the elbow mod and so far no issues. I was driving through a neighborhood slowly yesterday (around 15-18 mph) and for the first time I noticed I could hear a slight whirling type noise and I'm guessing it's the passenger side turbo. That factory elbow...
  20. MPG-what am I doing wrong?

    Don't worry about mpg until after 1000 miles of break in. Winter gas definitely knocks down mpg in the 1-2 mpg range. OP, are you calculating actual mpg based on miles and gallons of gas put in or are you looking at the computer's mpg estimate? I went with heavier tires on my base Sas 2.7...