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  1. Bronco Off-Rodeo locations comparison?

    The LV property is closed/leased from the Boy Scouts.
  2. Bronco Off-Rodeo locations comparison?

    Agree with others that LV would have the most to do. Most people agree that after about 4 days in LV, you want to just go home. I'd plan a trip with at least one other activity on The Strip (in the last 2 years I've seen a few concerts, including U2 at The Sphere, a Raiders game (grew up just...
  3. Best Rear Cargo Area Storage Solutions?

    Rockworkx thumb fasteners and straps (great for getting reusable grocery bags off the floor and to keep them from sliding in the back), they also add some color/flair to the back. Mabett hooks also work well (appear to be in the pic above). I also have the Course Motorsports plate and fire...
  4. Why does the swing gate swing to the right?

    Thanks for the research - not sure if the laws are different there, but there are a few more considerations that are either coincidental or regulated. If you were to swing left, opening to just 90 degrees blocks the driver's side tail light when the spare is attached (with the wheel extended to...
  5. Why does the swing gate swing to the right?

    Completely understand - about as long as it took me to get used the center seat in my McLaren F1...
  6. Why does the swing gate swing to the right?

    If it swung left, and went past 90 degrees, cyclists like me would have to add a verb (gated?) to differentiate from being "doored". Also a Ridgeline owner (it goes to about 90 degrees to the left if you don't know) and yes, left is easier to unload to the curb (the Ridgeline also goes down, but...
  7. Acceptable PPF job?

    That's bad unless it was really cheap and you plan on beating on it - agree it looks like they used a pre-cut pattern that wasn't aligned properly. Those edges are only going to get a lot worse.
  8. California 2-Door Rear Leather Seats - $1

    Last call before they go to the curb
  9. 2 Door Rear Storage Solution - Hard Case (Pelican Vault V700)

    Combining the above posts, you can attach Packout mounts to the Wicked Relics tray - in this pic the large boxes in the back are mounted to the plate and the Milwaukee toolbox's vertical bars are useful to attach straps with for other items.
  10. 2 Door Rear Storage Solution - Hard Case (Pelican Vault V700)

    Looks like https://www.wickedrelicsoffroad.com/ - highly recommend and relatively close to you.
  11. 2 Door Rear Storage Solution - Hard Case (Pelican Vault V700)

    Tool chest drawer liner which you can buy by the roll? Definitely tacky enough, though not sure how well it holds up to heat inside a car.
  12. 2024 Bronco Wins Kelley Blue Book’s #1 Best Resale Value Award

    Maybe to clarify - in almost all cases mods detract from the value (and are bad investments for the seller) - thinking "tuned" BMWs, WRX/STi, TTRS, BMW 1M, etc. - I don't want someone else's problem like Check Engine lights. Just look at auction comments from BaT. I'm thinking Jeeps/Broncos...
  13. Bronco Script Tire Cover (VINTAGE TAN)

    Thoughts from the forum - I have an EG Wildtrak 2-Door. Seeing the green-on-black versions of these looks to be green overkill, even if seems to be an exact match. Tan generally complements green (like BRG) and the black text would go with the trim/roof. Thinking of either this new version or...
  14. 2024 Bronco Wins Kelley Blue Book’s #1 Best Resale Value Award

    I've always wondered how modifications on Wranglers are isolated/excluded since they are almost added on to or modified. For example, someone buys one for $60k (or whatever), adds $10k worth or racks/winches/lights/etc., and then sells it a few years later for $55k (or whatever). Just looking at...
  15. Las Vegas Off-Rodeo Xtra Insurance Worth It?- (BRaptor)

    Yes, you are essentially getting a free rental Bronco, but 99.9% positive your credit card insurance stops when you leave your rental car in the Roadeo parking lot. A lot of this goes back to the mid-90s when purchase security and extended protection coverage costs almost put the big card...
  16. Las Vegas Off-Rodeo Xtra Insurance Worth It?- (BRaptor)

    Agreed, but in my case with the basic Roadeo, I immediately asked for one of the two 2-doors as the 4-door is much longer for the tight Vegas trails (my other daily drivers are a Miata and M235i, which is actually longer than my Wildtrak) and I was worried about side scrapes on rocks/trees...
  17. Las Vegas Off-Rodeo Xtra Insurance Worth It?- (BRaptor)

    I second that. You are driving someone else's car (normally covered), but insurance may equate this to track driving.
  18. For Anyone Wanting Smoking Deals, Bronco Raptors Are About To Free Fall In Price

    I've had success in my last 3 purchases of in-demand vehicles, including my Bronco bought last year. I contacted several dealers who had what I was looking for, and if they were not willing to drop ADM (or get $X under MSRP or whatever you were looking for), I gave them my info and told me to...
  19. Rivian shocks with R2, R3, R3X reveals! $45K starting price, 0-60 under 3 secs, 300+ miles range, NACS port

    Put my name on the R3x mailing list. If I could have put a deposit down, I would have. Wife's friend has the pickup (her husband works for them) and it is very cleverly designed and looks to be very well made. Do I need it? No, but likely half the cost of a loaded Macan EV, which was at the top...
  20. Ford hitch, 1up bike rack, 1up extender, Sasquatch - works great!

    As a green 2-door owner with 1UP racks (I have the Kuat pivot), well done, especially bypassing the camera and sensors. Now the obvious question: Will it fit in your garage with the bikes mounted?