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  1. what are the plastic things for beside hood

    I use mine for flags
  2. Fake Squatch Help

    I put bilstien 5100, set all the way up with wild track wheels and tires and stock black diamond fenders looks great and rides beautifully.
  3. California Black diamond tires with steely,s and TPM

    I have a set of five original black diamond tires with only 4,500 miles on them. They are mounted on the black Steely rims complete with TPM And caps. Tires are general grabber AT x, 265/70/17. comes with a bloomerang tire cover as well. Tires have no plugs or cuts and rims have no scuffs or...
  4. Sas flares or no?

    I like the stock flares, I have them on mine
  5. What 6th Gen Bronco Might Look Like

    I think it looks to soft for me.
  6. Bronco Raptor Drowned!

    WOW , just WOW, what can you say, what a waste of a nice Bronco, and I hope the Dog is ok
  7. New Lights and Trail Cam installed on Base Bronco (video added)

    OK I just looked it up on the Internet and now I understand how that Wi-Fi works so it will work out in the middle of nowhere. Thank you very much I will be purchasing that item.
  8. New Lights and Trail Cam installed on Base Bronco (video added)

    My understanding is how Wi-Fi works between the camera and your phone is you would need to have Wi-Fi service through an Internet on your phone and if you’re out in the middle of the desert where there’s no phone service I can’t imagine how it still works
  9. New Lights and Trail Cam installed on Base Bronco (video added)

    Ok very cool , but will it work way out in thee sticks when there is no cell phone service?
  10. New Lights and Trail Cam installed on Base Bronco (video added)

    Is this set up Wi-Fi? Or bluetooth ? If it’s Wi-Fi, you would need to have service from a tower correct ? if it’s Bluetooth, it would work between the camera and your phone so I’m not sure if I’m correct
  11. Has anyone Installed a Half Roof Rack?

    I do not hear any noise from my Hooke road half rack. Well built and a fair price,
  12. Battery Voltage over 15

    I just had my battery replaced under warranty today and my voltage while driving was about 14.7 but once in a while it would glitch up to 15 and then go back down to 14.7 but my resting voltage was around 12.2 so I had a bad sell in my battery. It seems all the 2021 broncos have issues, The...
  13. Post your Bronco's garage mates!

    Here’s mine 2006 Tacoma TRD Sport 4x4, with 255,000 miles and running like new.
  14. Have a name / nickname for your Bronco?

    Mine is called” Wildfire” after the song from 1975 from Michael Martin Murphey
  15. Optima Yellow Battery (DH7)

    I’m going on three years with my OEM battery in my 21 bronco but when it goes out I’ll be going to Costco and get an interstate seems like a great battery to me
  16. Black lug nuts - question

    I spent a long time looking for black Lugnuts. I finally found some ordered them and found out the seat is not the same. They’re acorn seats. If you’re using stock wheels, you need the bulge seats. I’ll show photo
  17. California 5 NEW 2023 35 Wildtrak tires

    Still for sale?
  18. What part/accessory are you looking for that a company has not made?

    I would like a dash cover out of the same material, the black diamond pattern that they use for the console padded covers, I think Mabett make the console cover