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  1. PRP seat covers installed

    Got some PRP seat covers installed today, really liking them.
  2. North Dakota wheeling with some buggies

    Went wheeling with some buggies today. Some photos
  3. Lobo hidden winch mount installed

    Beat my Rough Country hidden winch mount all to hell, so time to replace it with something better. Very happy with the Lobo mount, it is beefy compared to the flimsy RC I was running. Bonus, I can reach up behind the mount and access the clutch lever. I have a Warn Evo 10k winch mounted, and did...
  4. Core 4x4 sale

    Just a FYI, Core 4x4 is having a 20% off sale this weekend. I am not affiliated with them. Just wanted to share, in case somebody’s looking to get a deal on control arms. I’m running their adjustable track bar, was planning on getting their rear upper and lower control arms. Seen the sale, and...
  5. Diabolical locker security enclosure with slide for 2 door Bronco - installed pics

    Bought a locker security enclosure with slide from Diabolical (product thread) at the Bronco Safari. Pulled the Ford unit made by Tuffy, and installed this tonight. Very nice unit, way more solid than the Tuffy, and really like the slide, the cooler is full of beer, and heavy, still slides nice...
  6. KC Flex Era 4 installed

    Got a pair of KC Flex Era 4’s installed last night.
  7. Top off for spring!

    Well it’s officially spring, so time for the hard top to come off. Soft top will go on tonight or tomorrow. Took my first topless drive of the year, with a balmy temperature of 24F.
  8. Blizzard wheeling in North Dakota

    Have a little blizzard going on in North Dakota, went for a little drive. Ended up pulling the winch line twice to get myself out. Also pulled out two others that were stuck. It was quite a chore just to back out of my garage.
  9. Ford steel fender flares by Bushwacker (installed photos) + 37's, Eibach springs, 1" body lift

    Installed the Ford steel flares made by Bushwacker. 37" tires, Eibach springs, and a 1” body lift. Yes, about an inch of clearance. Regarding coverage, they are the same width as the original at the top, but they taper more where they meet the body.
  10. Snow recovery - rescued 4Runner with Base Bronco

    Another evening playing in the snow. Got a call to go rescue a 4Runner, -20 outside, got him out.
  11. Time to rethink my front plate mount

    Had a blast wheeling in the North Dakota badlands today. 37’s, and skid plates are next on my agenda, not much paint left on the gas tank skid. And, the license plate has seen better days! Still impressed with what this thing can do, running the smallest tires in our group, and it did pretty...
  12. First dent

    Well, my Bronco is officially broken in now. I had a pipe leaning against my camper. The Bronco was parked next to the camper, the pipe fell, leaving a nice dent in the rear passenger quarter panel. Sucks, but thinking I’ll just pull the quarter Panel off, and bring it in to a body shop, instead...
  13. Moab bound!

    Headed to Moab for Offroadeo on Friday. Left North Dakota yesterday, took this photo in the beautiful Snowy mountains of Wyoming today, will be in Moab tomorrow!
  14. Moab in July

    Just signed up for Moab Off Roadeo, on July 22nd. I sure hope I have my Bronco by then. Scheduled to be built 5/9, but have been pushed back multiple times. Planning on driving from ND, 1,000 miles one way. Very excited, I’ve never been to Moab, but have wanted to go for the past twenty years.