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  1. Georgia Sold: B5O GMRS Antenna $100

    Big 5 Overland GMRS antenna. Brand New. Received at a trail riding event, still unsure if I'm going to install it on my bronco or not but I already have my midland stuff pretty well setup so going to offer it up before I do if anyone is interested. Antenna is 22" long and has a "small coil...
  2. Georgia Sold: AC Fab quick disconnects $100

    AC Fab quick disconnects for non-Badlands broncos. Going in different direction. $100 OBO. $20 for shipping
  3. What forum members are ordering (based on build week data)

    Curiosity got the best of me while looking at the data from the Consolidated Build Week Sheet maintained by @66Fan and looking at all that information I wanted a narrowed down view of how different models were being spec'd out. I don't think anything below is too surprising or unexpected, but...
  4. Hello from Georgia

    Placed and order for a 2-Door Base Sas Eruption Green Bronco this weekend. Fingers crossed, hopefully I'm tooling around in it by fall. I have my SD to keep my busy though.