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  1. Subtle but meaningful updates between MY'23 and '24; including window flap

    My MY24 blended on 3/18 has the Rocks/Bronco graphic.
  2. Bronco Build Week 3/18/2024

    So it looks like two of the build from this week are still awaiting delivery?
  3. Ford Points earned when buying a Bronco?

    My points showed up while I was still at the dealership. That was two weeks ago.
  4. New Hampshire

    I just took delivery of my OBX last week and got verified on Off-Rodeo. I was hoping to go in Oct., but it looks like they are only scheduling out to Sep. I will probably book for Friday, 5 Sep. I only live 45min away, so lodging isn't an issue.
  5. Decisions Decisions

    At an average of cost of $3.50 for gas and $4.00 (based on generic east coast daily price) for diesel, you are only looking at a $83 difference. I would go for comfort over economy on this one. Either that or take the diesel and buy her a big ribeye with the money saved.
  6. Are dealers still selling at MSRP?

    My MY24 order that came in last week was discounted an additional $1k from the MSRP when I ordered it last October. New England region.
  7. 2024 ‘Factory’ Tow Package

    I am amazed that some dealers still try to just "wing it" with customers instead of actually saying "I don't know, let me find out for you". Back in the day they could get away with it because there were not online communities that collectively know A LOT about a make or model. I get it, sales...
  8. Bronco Build Week 3/18/2024

    Guess what I saw while I was picking up my OBX! And in case you were worried (like I was), yes, they installed the tow receiver. Mark had them installed over the weekend. Not 10 min. after bringing it home, Miss Thing there here tried to bash her stick into the doors.
  9. Armor Ditch ORV park Ossipee NH?

    I've heard it's a good time, not too hard, not too boring. I plan on checking it out when my Bronco arrives. I don't have much of an excuse, I only live about 1.5mi away from it and think the owner is a neighbor of mine.
  10. Bronco Build Week 3/18/2024

    Awesome! I plan on going over on Monday. I need the weekend to clean out my trade-in and rig up a garage lift to get the cap off. Plus, there's a storm moving in later in the week.
  11. Bronco Build Week 3/18/2024

    LSTIII was asking because our Broncos are getting delivered to the same dealer up here in NH.:)
  12. Brighter color choices?

    Count me in! I would love to have a root beer brown metallic with tan top. That looked great on my '89.
  13. Bronco Build Week 3/18/2024

    I bet it is more of a Dealer blames Ford, Ford blames Dealer thing. I wouldn't worry too much about your situation. I don't think there is much risk of a dealer screwing over an order holder anymore. With special orders and dealer stock going for MSRP and under, there isn't any incentive to...
  14. Bronco Build Week 3/18/2024

    Actually, I did drive around the lot to see if your Oxford snuck in. No such luck. Neither of our rigs showed up on Portsmouth's website, either. I guess Ford stopped putting special orders out for the public to see.
  15. Bronco Build Week 3/18/2024

    I decided to swing by and drive through my dealer's lot on the way home from work. Talk about timing, they were in the middle of off-loading a car carrier and watched them park my OBX. I haven't heard from the dealer yet, but was updated on the tracker.
  16. Finally...the Bronco Pickup!

    Marty McFLy approves!
  17. Bronco Build Week 3/18/2024

    Nice! Since you are in PA, CSX will probably your rail carrier. When you hit shipped status, Ford chat can give you the rail car number, then follow this to get a location update: CSX 1. Call the CSX 1-800-235-2352 2. When prompted for location or weight, press "1" on your phone for location...
  18. Bronco Build Week 3/18/2024

    The train car arrived, emptied, and departed to Cleveland, OH as of this morning. Mike Shannon the Custom Order Manager emailed me that he expected it arrive and be ready next week.
  19. What do you think of my potential build?

    I also went with a OBX, 2.7, Lux, MIC, Tow, Mod Bumper. I did opt for the Aux switches as I will be putting a pair of 6" KC lights on the bumper and a mix of white and amber fog lights. I went SAS, so I can't comment on the steel fenders. I would attach pics, but the parts are in a box and the...