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  1. Employee Pricing to Everyone on 2-dr 2023 Broncos - Detroit area dealer.

    Szott Ford in Holly Michigan is offering employee pricing to everyone on 2-dr Broncos. This is where I bought my 2024 HE. email I received today: Spring is here at Szott Ford ! We have plenty of inventory and the deals are getting better. We are pulling people out of leases as early as 12...
  2. Ford Edge, Lincoln Nautilus to die in 2023

    Ford killing of the Edge & Nautilus in 2023. What gets me is that they had Sync 4A in these vehicles a year ago and have ignored Sync 4 for the vehicles they are keeping. The Bronco Sport has Sync 3 not 4 like it's big brother. https://autos.yahoo.com/ford-edge-lincoln-aviator-die-140800303.html
  3. Explorer Timberline B&P up, now shows Forged Green

    Forged Green is now showing on the 2021 Explorer B&P not just for the Timberline, but for all trims. I'm surprised that this color has just been added mid year and not as a 2022 model.
  4. Phoenix Dealer showing 3 Broncos in stock

    Don't know if they physically have them, but all have window stickers. https://www.santanford.com/searchnew.aspx?st=Price+desc&Make=Ford&Type=N&Year=2021&Model=Bronco
  5. Ford Price Increases (Not Bronco)

    Ford is increasing prices now, and not waiting for 2022 models. Also eliminating almost all rebates. https://www.motor1.com/news/512164/ford-vehicles-price-hike-june/
  6. Placed my online reservation today for 2022 - Dealer reached out 10 minutes after my entry

    I finally placed my reservation today for a 2022. I'm in no hurry, but I was shocked to get a call back 10 minutes later from the dealer on a Sunday. They were just calling to tell me the order process. They would be contacting me in July to firm up order details, production most likely in...