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  1. 2024 Wildtrak Passenger doors issues from factory

    Yes. I am bringing it to the dealer Tomorrow. Have been out of town on business travel. Thank you.
  2. 2024 Wildtrak Passenger doors issues from factory

    Yeah surprised did not see it either. You’d have to be near ground level to see it. Fortunately know the owner of the dealership so should not be an issue on their end, but Ford on the other hand…..Union pay raises and deliver this shoddy work. I was hoping after 4 years Ford would have...
  3. 2024 Wildtrak Passenger doors issues from factory

    Yeah. Contacted them today. They are creating a case. The rear door and hood are all ok. Just both passenger doors no seam seal and damage to bottom rear passenger.
  4. 2024 Wildtrak Passenger doors issues from factory

    Have had my ‘24 WT less than a month. Giving its first good wash today and noticed significant quality control issues. Several dented in spots on the lower rear passenger door and then noticed BOTH passenger side doors were not seam sealed AT ALL on the entire inside like on the drivers side...
  5. Interesting find in my 2024 Wildtrak

    Was installing the IAG interior 4 dome lights tonight. Pulled the knee kick plate off to connect the wires and this fell out??? SecuriCode Card with a 5 digit code and bar code. Uhhh. Problem is I don’t have a numeric keypad outside the vehicle? Did someone at the factory just lose a...
  6. Baja S8- 30” light bar from 4X4TruckLEDs.com

    Not sure about the DV8 but fits perfect with the OEM brush guard.
  7. Hitch delay

    Got mine installed on Thursday! Woohoo.
  8. Tail light Condensation

    Happened to my 2024 WT on the passenger side. taking to dealer. Though ford says this is “normal”, it is not normal as a sealed light should not have condensation issues. Never had that happen on any previous non-ford vehicles.
  9. Baja S8- 30” light bar from 4X4TruckLEDs.com

    Just installed the Baja Designs S8 30” light bar from 4X4TruckLEDs.com SUPER EASY install and quality harness. Just enough wire to feed around engine bay. Fantastic customer support and highly recommend them for all your lighting needs. Have the modular bumper with stock brush guard. Favorite...
  10. Hitch delay

    Just got notice the dealer received it today. Scheduling next week.
  11. Hitch delay

    That is crazy! Sorry man.
  12. Hitch delay

    This post started as a FYI to those who may be in the same boat and see if anyone had additional information they could share. Your comments are unnecessary and contribute nothing to the thread. I apologize my thread invoked such animosity and hurt your feelings. Wow.
  13. Hitch delay

    As a new member and first time owner I am beginning to see a common thread in this community. Lots of people who are still bitter from what happened to them 2-3 years ago. For the 50th time, sorry it happened but grow up and move on. That is no reason to hijack every post. “I dont want...
  14. Bronco Build Week 1/8/2024

    Glad to hear you got yours! Fingers crossed comes soon.
  15. Hitch delay

    lol? When you already paid for it as part of the build and go out and buy another one. Makes sense. NOT. And this thread was to see if anyone has any information on the delay and give a heads up to anyone else who has a 24 coming in. Go troll somewhere else.
  16. Hitch delay

    Son of a nutcracker! Damn.
  17. Hitch delay

    Sorry you and many others had to wait for your builds and I waited 6 months for mine to come, which is nothing compared to some
  18. Hitch delay

    Just sucks we pay for something and no idea when it’s going to be available. On a 4X4 hitches are a pretty big deal. And not like it is a complex item to manufacture.