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  1. ADV Production Modular Hardtop!

    Working night and day? They aren’t building anything. Literally.
  2. Don’t be like this jeep guy!😂

    Who uses Facebook?
  3. Recent Resale Value

    Also most buyers will not care about HOSS version x.xx etc that people on the forum may obsess over. Modifications like this will ding you hard unless it is a specialty dealer.
  4. Recent Resale Value

    Ouch, if you paid ADM you better be set on driving it till the wheels fall off, or 50,000 end of life Ford miles. I got lazy, all my Toyota trucks kept value losing only $2-3,000 in first two years.
  5. Recent Resale Value

    I am always chasing a shiny new vehicle. KBB has the Bronco at $44,300 trade, but boots on the street will only offer $38,000. Appraised it out through multiple websites and spoke with 6 dealers. Issue I am having is that the Black Diamond that I have is equipped with front/rear lockers, auto...
  6. Recent Resale Value

    My less than 6 month old Bronco went from purchase price of $52,000 to an offer from multiple dealers of $38,000. That is a steep depreciation, I thought these things held value? I know Ford is making more, but so is Jeep making Wranglers and they hold very good value.
  7. 2 door hardtop wind noise

    Mine is very quiet, with roof rack.
  8. How do we turn off data sharing?

    Disabling might throw codes. My brothers Audi started lighting up the dash when he disabled the link to the Audi mothership in Germany.
  9. 2.3 failures / issues. Post the issues you have had

    4,000 miles, runs great. My only complaint is the engine sounds like R2D2 on startup. Runs sluggish until warmed up. Maybe wastegate and rich startup for emissions?
  10. Bought a 2024 Outer Banks has Equipment Group 312A

    Edmunds says 312a is vehicle with standard equipment mid package.
  11. New wheels after delivery or wait?

    I’d wait to see if you got a lemon. I’d have 5,000 miles on the odo before swapping/modifying anything/
  12. AREA 51 Color-Matched Tire Covers! 💙

    Hey, that’s mine. 😜 Got the same A51 and your tire cover. Nice.
  13. Issues with new Bronco

    Visit the Range Rover forum….