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  1. Finally finished my Grabber Blue Bronco custom repaint! 😁

    This looks great. I wish Ford offered Grabber Blue and Calypso Coral as factory options.
  2. The Most Common Bronco Colors You See? 🎨

    I was torn between the same two color options for my Badlands...went with Carbonized Gray but it was close between those two options. I see mostly Area 51, White, and Eruption Green around me.
  3. Bronco Build Week 6/3/24

    After more than a year, an issue with my previous order, and switching dealerships I'm finally scheduled for the week of 6/3. Badlands, non-SAS, 2.7L, dual tops.
  4. Latest 2024 Bronco Production Key Commodity Constraints + Total Retail Unscheduled Orders (4/15/24)

    Doesn't look good for my 2.7L hardtop Badlands... EDIT: Got confirmation I'm scheduled for production first week of June!
  5. What's an EASY hack/fix that REALLY improved your relationship with your Bronco?

    My first experience with start/stop was in a loaner from a dealer and it was so jarring in that car I immediately turned it off. Ever since I turn it off out of habit when I get in a car.
  6. Interesting Orange Bronco sighting at the body shop today.

    I really like the powdercoated Badlands wheels with the paint.
  7. Dealers offering X-Plan?

    Now that the X-Plan is available for Broncos is there a current list of dealers offering X-Plan?
  8. Anybody pulled over by cops for tires poking out from fender flares?

    Started reading the first paragraph and thought 'I bet it's Kilbuck'...they were notorious for BS stops.
  9. Dealer ordered a Bronco they knew I didn't want...

    I just wasn't sure how this was going to impact me ordering a different Bronco since this order is tied to my name.
  10. Dealer ordered a Bronco they knew I didn't want...

    The salesman claimed Ford "rolled it over" when I asked who canceled it...immediate red flag
  11. Dealer ordered a Bronco they knew I didn't want...

    Posted a while back about this but this is the latest... I ordered a '23 Big Bend on March 27, 2023 and the salesman called in late August and left me a message saying my order was bumped to 2024, and that since I ordered a 2023 Big Bend a 2.7L I had to modify my order because that engine isn't...
  12. When are we getting this grille from Ford?

    I think the final Bronco DR grille ended up being different – does anyone think this grille will be available in the future?
  13. 2023 Order Confusion

    I have spoken to the dealer, they're evasive and are telling me something different from Ford corporate.
  14. 2023 Order Confusion

    I have dual tops, and I saw before that the Big Bend wheels were a constraint at one point.
  15. 2023 Order Confusion

    Confirmed today with Ford Customer Service my order is not canceled, but that some customers 'have received a request to convert their order to a 2024'...
  16. 2023 Order Confusion

    Another Big Bend if I remember right. I think I'm going to email the salesman and ask if I can modify my order (remove the hardtop) in order to get it scheduled for production. Since I have at least one order showing as 'unscheduled clean' maybe they can modify that?
  17. 2023 Order Confusion

    I'm fairly certain the Unscheduled clean order was for a '23 Big Bend as well. The salesman told me that to get the 2.7L I would have to move up to the Outer Banks (this was before I told him I didn't like the interior color options) – this is the only thing I can think of tied to my name that...