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  1. "Vehicle Unblocked" Message on Display Screen

    You're basically spot on because it appears that the message only appears on vehicles with the 6.0+ Power Up update which apparently updated the gateway (GWM) module
  2. "Vehicle Unblocked" Message on Display Screen

    There's a thread about this same thing over on the F150 forum, people think it has to do with certain modules being blocked and then reactivated when the truck starts because of updates. No cause for concern apparently. While I don't have this message, I do get "Bronco saved" every so often on...

    I'm betting it's the Sasquatch spare tire carrier marketed as "upgraded", because those are definitely stock hinges. Probably just the longer camera to account for the offset.
  4. Missing Accessories / Parts in Bronco Aftermarket?

    I need someone to make a high lift jack mount that bolts to the swing gate hinges. There’s one on Amazon and it looks very low quality.
  5. Ford Performance Air/Oil Separator

    I did an oil change on mine about 1500 miles ago and one filter was totally dry, but the other one had probably a teaspoon of oil in it. Didn't install it until like 20k miles so guess we'll just have to see what the effects are longer term.
  6. Save 25% on Ford wheels and accessories through 5/5/2024 -- official discount code: WHEEL25

    Damn, I'm jealous of that $0.00 price 😂 had to settle for just the $340 off over here, but install was easy and now I'll have it for the next month on the road!
  7. New update - 24-PU0227-VI-RBS

    Oh hi @rugedraw, fancy seeing you here 😂 @MileHighCitizen unfortunately I’m leaving town today for a month but if you’re still having update issues in early June when I get back I’m happy to let you borrow my Mongoose cable and walk you through update steps within FDRS.
  8. Ford Performance Tailgate Reinforcement?

    Here ya go! Part number and quantity w721746s450b - 4 w721479s300 - 2 n2dz7826800a - 1 n2dz7842900a - 1 n2dz1a430b - 1 w718426s450 - 4
  9. Save 25% on Ford wheels and accessories through 5/5/2024 -- official discount code: WHEEL25

    Just got a 25% off coupon in my inbox from Ford, check yours!
  10. Classic Bronco instrument cluster

    Echoing all this. It’s a cool idea but impacts the functionality. Plus your OTA updates will get all sorts of screwed up
  11. Classic Bronco instrument cluster

    Yup, it was supposed to be tied to the Lux package originally. I'm crossing my fingers they do a facelift for 2025 where the all digital dash from the Raptor/China Broncos becomes standard and then it can be retrofitted into 21-24 models by buying all the parts.
  12. Hardtop/ Roof rack Removal

    I'm planning to remove mine here shortly now that ski season has wrapped up. Unfortunately removing the OEM rack is kind of a pain because you basically have to take it 75% apart to get it off the roof.
  13. Are Your Automatic Updates On?

    Apparently the best guidance is automatic updates on, but no schedule set. That way you can manually review any that are downloaded before they install. I'm in the camp of wanting the most recent version of all software installed personally, because of added functionality and the fixing of bugs.
  14. Is the 2023 Ford Bronco roof accessory prewired to just connect up top?

    If you have the upfitter switches it is prewired! You need to wire the green wire (D) in this diagram to B1 or B2, and then one of those two to the wire with the correct amperage. If I remember correctly you need to drill a small hole under the plastic cover in your photo on the left side to...
  15. Power-Up 6.1.0

    Thanks sir! So that 23223 version (August 11, 2023 software build) is the 6.1.0 update and 23159 (June 6, 2023 build) is 4.2.0.
  16. Save 25% on Ford wheels and accessories through 5/5/2024 -- official discount code: WHEEL25

    Totally haha, I was gonna be right behind you in pulling the trigger if it did.
  17. Power-Up 6.1.0

    Yikes, that's no fun. I will say you can accomplish the same thing while driving if you hold the power button in the middle of the volume knob AND the track forward button at the same time for a few seconds. That'll force restart the center screen without having to stop and turn off the truck.
  18. Power-Up 6.1.0

    Thanks! Well that answers that, 23159 is 4.2.3 then. 6.1.0 must be a slow start to rolling out because I'm not seeing it on the backend for my truck.
  19. Power-Up 6.1.0

    @fiatlux @Mr Bacon Jr looks like you guys are the only ones with 6.1.0 in here. Can one of you look and see what the SYNC version and revision numbers are in Setting -> General -> About SYNC? I manually pushed all updates yesterday and this is what I'm seeing on my end, but I'm not sure if it...