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  1. Method 703 wheels from Ford Performance - installed photos

    I finally mounted new wheels from Ford Performance, a set of Method 703 with the proper hub bore size on a Badlands non-sas They came in with a +35 offset and a hub bore size of 93.25. The poke is perfect, I just need a little lift and some 35's next! Edit: I just want to include this photo
  2. Dealership changed management, MSRP pricing up in the air

    I contacted my dealer to find out what is the latest build week info and was told that he no longer works there anymore. And not only that, they are under new management. I ask the salesman I was speaking with to pull up my order info to find out, and he says whatever info I have should be the...
  3. Rev Tent: Has anyone seen this?

    Rev Tent Just wanted to share as this is my first time seeing this. At 25lbs, this seems like a very good option for the Bronco.
  4. BDS SEMA "Fire Rescue" Bronco Build Preview - Episode 1

    Not sure if this has been shared here yet but search didn't show any results. But I've been waiting for this: VIDEO And here's the official press release description copied from this thread: https://www.bronco6g.com/forum/threads/revealed-custom-build-broncos-to-debut-at-sema-2021.26347/...
  5. Attended the Drive The Bronco Touring Event in San Jose

    I just got back from the event and couldn’t be even more excited about my Bronco. I received a surprising email invitation about 2 weeks ago and I quickly jumped at the opportunity. They were touring again with the Broncos and this time we were able to take them for a spin. I received an email...
  6. Couldn’t Wait To Go Topless

    My 2door is not to be expected till ‘22 so I visited my buddy who just acquired another awesome 2door (but seats 5) - 1st gen 4Runner. I helped him in removing the shell and cruised all weekend topless. Now Im even more excited to get my 2dr BL
  7. Notes attached to Clean builds

    I just called my dealer on any news from their end, or if there's any previewing this week and he tells me my build is clean and "should be ready to be picked up". This is nothing new but he did say there are notes attached to several builds including mine: "Special assembly requirement...
  8. Bronco / Sync4 - MyView

    Has anyone seen the view options (tachometer, pitch/roll, etc) in the info screen yet? I've previewed the Bronco but the keys were not around and I forgot to ask to view them. But there hasnt been any much info out there regarding the view options, particularly I wanted to see a better tach...
  9. 4 Door CG Black Diamond + Black OBX at Capitol Ford with some cargo area measurements

    Sorry no write up here, just sharing some pics I took for myself. Everything was already covered in this forum already, but I hope these are helpful for some too.
  10. Green Bronco at Mecum Auction

    How does everyone feel about this green on the new Bronco? This was shown at the 2021 Mecum Auction in Houston, a metallic forest green 72 Bronco.
  11. California Sold: Badlands OEM Wheels For Sale

    I know, I know it's early but I'm looking for potential buyers for the Badlands wheels that my BL will come with. Also, I would also consider trade+cash for the BD Steels. I'm located in the Bay Area. Yee!
  12. 2-door Rear Seat Storage

    I've been scouring for more info regarding the underside of the rear seats of a 2-door and can't recall anything besides how it bolts on, so I apologize if this has been asked already. We've seen multiple side profiles of the rear seats of the 4dr especially when the doors are off but seeing...