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  1. How to Make an Emergency Release Handle for Inside of Swing Gate

    With all due respect, you are wrong. If you are camping and sleeping in your truck, exiting through a roof panel is about as dumb as it gets. I'm 6' 250lbs, no way I'm crawling over seats in the front to get out a front door.
  2. How to Make an Emergency Release Handle for Inside of Swing Gate

    I would argue there is indeed a need for it.
  3. Additional dome lighting, Jim style

    You can use an adhesive accelerator prep first, or rubbing alcohol, but careful it doesn't haze out the soft plastic. I personally prepped with 85% ACL and used just a little bit of 1" velcro.
  4. Who's Got The Best Way To Open Tailgate From Inside?

    Anyone have any fresh ideas?
  5. Tricky Dick's Epic Southern Adventure

    Fucked up, but could you rent a jeep? Or is that out of the budget? I'm so sorry.
  6. Tricky Dick's Epic Southern Adventure

    Oh nooooo! I was lucky enough to just get back from Yosemite. The Bronco was a champ.
  7. Batting ZERO - Rough Country Parts

    Buy the USA made Curt. Best fit and finish around, from a trusted maker.
  8. So last call for a mud flap for Sasquatch, and or rock rails?

    Better late than never. Still $$$$.
  9. Tricky Dick's Dirty Bronco

    Wow! and we thought the Goodyear's picked up rocks! Haha. Seriously, that stinks. I hope you get it all dialed in quickly.
  10. Covercraft Sun Visor Pretty Much RAD!

    To my eye it looks about the same, but I'm just basing that on the folds and where the cutout crosses them.
  11. Covercraft Sun Visor Pretty Much RAD!

    If that was for me, no. I put it in the window just to take a pic. Truck was already parked in my garage when it arrived.
  12. Bluetooth Speaker Drop In Option Available?

    That's going to be difficult. The truck wont pair with an external speaker. So you'd need an audio feed from the kick speakers, sent to a bluetooth TX, which will need power. And you'll need a good one, because you can’t have any latency.
  13. What did you do TO / WITH your Bronco today? 👨🏻‍🔧🧰🚿🛠

    I did the JBL soundbar flash. Big difference to the rears. Only a dealer can do it though. It's not a ForScan thing.
  14. Covercraft Sun Visor Pretty Much RAD!

    No I didn't. I wanted to pick my color and finish, and I didn't want the Bronco logo. I wanted white to match my truck.
  15. SOCAL Bronco Owner interested a meet up event?

    I just got back from a business lunch near you today at Brent's. I'm down.
  16. Passenger Mirror Melting, Hard Top Bubbling... Ford will Warranty

    That's what it looks like to me too. It could happen parked anywhere. Work, etc. Not as bad as that round Masi window I remember, it would burn the interior of your car. That or crazy radio waves coking your car.
  17. Is the center console lid supposed to have a spring?

    Coily will tell you. NO SPRINGS!
  18. Exploring off-the-shelf tie rod upgrades

    Agreed, that is a unique view. Sorry. That stinks.