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  1. Valentine One radar detector installed today with BlendMount and MirrorTaps!

    Great write-up. But even easier: just dropping this in here from a post 2 months ago: If you need power from the mirror, use this plug-and-play harness. Plugs right into the wire harness on the back of the mirror, e-z-p-z. No wire taps or splicing or fuse taps needed. 5 minute install...
  2. Dealer listed my ordered Bronco for sale and never contacted me

    Just like you stuck a dealer with a vehicle you ordered, or at least could have notified them that you had no intention of buying it once delivered... :rolleyes: Seems you guys deserve each other.
  3. Mustang inspired grill

    ^^ awesome. You win the internet today. :crackup:
  4. ADV Production Modular Hardtop!

    Can't believe they haven't been banned by the forum Mods / Admin and are still allowed to be a vendor here. Anyone one else taking money from a buyer, and not deliver the product and multiple false promises, would suffer at least that outcome.
  5. 40th Birthday Northwest Road Trip - CA -> NV -> ID -> MT -> UT -> NV -> CA (Advice/tips/recommendations appreciated!)

    I will add that the trip through northern NV and eastern OR is BORING... and Winnemucca not a great choice. Have you considered swinging north and trying Klamath Falls instead before heading east to ID?

    Self-appointed sanctimonious (<= see what I did there... :crackup: ) moderator? Now you opened a can of worms - here are 283 additional meanings: https://www.acronymfinder.com/SAS.html Pro-tip: If folks would just add a single letter (sasq) I suspect all of this would be moot. .
  7. Buying a Bronco from Michigan and driving it home to Alabama. How can I prevent future rust?

    So many Broncos out there. I would never buy used from a rust belt state without clear pictures of the entire underside / frame.
  8. Possibly for sale?

    Don't do that, unless you really like putting the F&I guy's kids through college. Keep it and drive it until your equity reverses. Or if current finances are pressing, and you don't need the extra vehicle, sell it now and keep paying down the 12K remaining principal. Far better to pay interest...
  9. Is PPF Wrap Worth it?

    Lot's of hyperbole on this thread. I have applied PPF to many vehicles - and have never had to remove due to age / discoloration. The longest application is 10 years so far. Granted, I garage my vehicles and don't let them sit outside all the time. Car washes do little to damage PPF - it is...
  10. What new colors would you like to see from the Bronco Raptor?

    I would take one in a M-B color called sunburst yellow: or Porsche mexico blue:
  11. A night drive in our Bronco

    And yet, no pics... ;)
  12. What's up with most of the take-off wheels and tires being sold as a set of 4?

    I suspect most people spending big dollars to upgrade wheels and tires don't want to spring for the 5th set. I did, and sold my takeoffs as a set of 5, but that seems to be the exception.
  13. Newbie checking in…..

    Where the pics?! .
  14. Told my daughter not to lose momentum going thru the mud

    I suspect the "sissies in San Diego" are forced by local and state regs to recycle the water used at the car wash, unlike many other states. And you can imagine what mud does to their filtration systems. So given the location in a heavy regulated state, maybe they get a little slack for being...
  15. 20% Off Tires and Wheels on eBay until 3/31

    Did the exact same. Scored some Wildpeaks for my Jeep XJ at $140 each.
  16. Acceptable PPF job?

    ^^ definitely amateur hour at the PPF shop. Demand a re-do or refund. :rolleyes: .
  17. Are the stock squatch tires really that bad?

    Yeah, who would want all the information on a given topic all in one place? That's crazy talk...:rolleyes:
  18. Leveling a Hoss 3.0 Wildtrak

    Looks perfect as it sits. .
  19. List of radar detectors that work off USB power?

    If you need power from the mirror, use this plug-and-play harness. Plugs right into the wire harness on the back of the mirror, e-z-p-z. No wire taps or splicing or fuse taps needed. 5 minute install: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B088P4VFQ7/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1...
  20. Anyone else miss a hand brake?

    Easier to do Rockfords with a hand brake... ;)