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  1. Flash ECU pro cal settings

    I had the wiper fix and it did not effect my procal tune
  2. 2025 Badlands Bronco will have Fox 2.5 inch live valve shocks (per Ford at NORRA Mexican 1000 race)

    I took a good look at WT, but bailed immediately when I saw the interior colours. I wanted leather & black. The BL has a grey dash which I don't love, but I prefer that over the brown / tan on the WT. I really do wish Ford had better interior colour options
  3. Pulling Telematics Modem Fuse 20 under dash

    Maybe try a different approach? Install an aftermarket head unit...... this obviously drives cost but may save considerable time and gives you the peace of mind you are looking for
  4. Another ZFG Racing tuned 2.7 Bronco with bolt-ons hits 400whp!

    wondering if when ZFG will put out a tune on the 2.3
  5. Three 20% off Goodyear Tire coupons!

    thanks for throwing this out there
  6. AR | GEAR JAMMER - Bronco 7 Speed Shift Knob

    as others have mentioned repeatedly, it is simply a long wait for nice parts, no one likes the wait time for AR products, but there are two choices; 1) wait for the parts and grumble at the wait time 2) order something else and hope you like the alternate item but don't feel like AR is...
  7. AR | GEAR JAMMER - Bronco 7 Speed Shift Knob

    ar is slow to ship out, if you have concerns reach out to them. There are a lot of forum members who have ordered from Curtis at ar and are happy, including me. Yes they are slow, no it really should not be that way, yes they are good to communicate with when you reach out, yes the work is...
  8. Broncos in Stock - Some Marked Down $5,500

    @voxel - what dealership are you seeing these heavy discounts?
  9. Ford Bronco DR Test Drive! This thing is INSANE! - Gabby Downing

    that exhasut sound........... 🤤🤤
  10. 35’s on a non Sasquatch Bronco - ride quality and performance?

    2.3 with 4.7 & 35's here Also noticed that 6th is not always the best gear for fuel efficiency I tend to get into 6th when really cranking along at 80 or more Also have the perf tune on it
  11. 📸 2025 4Runner Leaked: New Competition Revealed

    are those chevy square wheel arches grafted onto the yota?
  12. Expensive vacation souvenir: a Badlands Bronco

    congrats on the new ride! good to hear the ole wip got you home safely
  13. Bronco Market Share down to 25%, while Jeep is 40% and 4Runner 35%

    Ford may have stated that( I have not seen it) but I can promise you from the supply side that is not the target number used in building lines to supply product such as the frame. As others mentioned - swing for the fences but putting out exaggerated sales numbers early on can be a mistake - as...
  14. Any solution for hoisting hardtop as one unit?

    I have had my top off plenty of times. No issues so far. I use the toplift pro and love it. Easy to use on your own and quick. https://topliftpros.com/pages/bronco?gad_source=1&gclid=Cj0KCQjw5cOwBhCiARIsAJ5njuYMZGTqLuBTGV5s7PO230jOJ6GH2t43tHZWPs--0_Dqaz7IM3cKyvAaAjY2EALw_wcB To the OP...
  15. Side panel rust

    rails wear that much - a lot of weight(steel wheels on steel rails) riding on the rails. This produces a ton of iron filings that are broadcast all over the place
  16. Side panel rust

    yup - absolutely what it looks like not a defect, but needs to get taken care of On the plus side if you go ceramic your paint will look awesome when finished
  17. AR | GEAR JAMMER - Bronco 7 Speed Shift Knob

    I have the same items, decided I was going to wait till these show up in the wild before I order
  18. Side panel rust

    hello? OP ya got any pics?