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  1. Neutral Tow / Transmission Problem

    Got my RVI charge line installed today.I can now monitor the change of my RV battery and toad battery for my RVI tablet $185.00.
  2. Please help with my sync 4 system

    Got a 8/28 update to make CarPlay easier. Before the update my phone would automatically wirelessly connect and launch CarPlay. Now I have to go into phones and select mine every time. Definitely not “easier”.
  3. Neutral Tow / Transmission Problem

    Found out RVI has a tow vehicle charger that integrates with their tablet. I am going to get that installed to avoid any issues.
  4. Neutral Tow / Transmission Problem

    So if I drive around 200 miles per day, disconnect the bronco and drive it to sightsee I should be fine?
  5. Neutral Tow / Transmission Problem

    My RVI brake is plugged into an always on 12 v aux port for power. are you saying I will have issues ? I have know idea how to install that.
  6. 2” Spacers or springs lift kit?

    35 12.5 on 18 rims with 2 inch lift. Retained crash bars.
  7. Broken into in a well lit public garage

    Today a 9mm would be needed.
  8. Who's adding Keyless Keypad Entry and why?

    Had this on my F150, F250 and now my Bronco. I never take a key, just use the keypad. Lobe it.
  9. Commuting with RC 2.5 Lift Kit + 37's on 2023 Wildtrak SAS?

    Did you forscan to change tire size? Are you just going off the built in gauge for MPG?
  10. Heated Seats

    I miss the cooling seats I had in my F250.
  11. Anyone getting sick of their color choice???

    Love my Area 51 OB.
  12. 4.46 vs 4.7 Gear Ratio Discussion

    My OB has the 3.73 rear axle. Any issue going to 35s and 2“ lift?
  13. Impressions at 25,000 miles.

    So far so good with my 23 outer banks. Just passed 500 miles and 6 days.