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  1. 2.3 Alternator Shield Rubbing Coolant Hose

    Is anyone else noticing their alternator shield / plastic surround rubbing on the coolant hose for the oil cooler? Was poking around my engine bay and noticed that there is definitely some contact being made at times. Anyone else notice this on theirs?
  2. 2.3 Possible Oil Leak - Engine Bay & CCV Tube Splatter

    Hey all, was just poking around my engine bay and noticed some oily film / what appears to be oil splashes around the engine bay. Seems to be coming from the crankcase vent hose at the front passenger side of the valve cover. Any one experiencing something similar? My bronco sat for about a...
  3. Bronco - 1, Tacoma - 0... Got rear ended!

    Had the joy of being rear ended at 10 mph by an unlicensed and uninsured driver. Pretty surprised with how well the bronco took the hit! The spare tire and recovery point basically obliterated his front end. My tailgate is definitely done, along with a bit of bent metal in the rear cargo box...
  4. California WTB Rear Tailgate

    Hey all, wanted to see if anyone has a rear tailgate for sale. Preferably in Cactus Gray. Thanks!
  5. California WTB: Black Diamond Grille or OBX Grille

    Hey all, looking to swap out my Big Bend grille for a Black Diamond or an Outer Banks grille. Anyone selling either? Located in LA / SGV area.
  6. California WTB: Black Diamond grille

    Anyone have a BD grille for sale? Toying with the idea of swapping out my Big Bend grille for one. Thanks!
  7. 7MT - 3rd gear notchiness?

    Hey fellow 7MT owners. I'm about 5500 miles into my 7MT ownership. Wanted to see if anyone else is noticing 3rd gear to be a bit more notchy than the other gears? Almost like some extra force is needed to get into the shift gate, and then it finally clicks in. Mainly happens when the rig is...
  8. 4500 mile 2.3 7MT DIY oil change first impression

    For anyone on the fence about doing their own oil change with the 2.3, do it! Ridiculously easy. The hardest part was getting the 6 plastic skid plate bolts out, which took longer than draining the oil itself haha. I followed @BudgetBronco 's tutorial on youtube, which was the easily best one...
  9. AC Compressor Leak?

    Was poking around the engine bay & noticed a damp spot around the low pressure AC Compressor fitting. Anyone else noticing this on theirs? 2.3 engine. A/C blows ice cold still, not sure if it's just grease from the factory? Or maybe condensation picking up extra dust around that spot?
  10. Surprisingly good MPG (7MT)

    Was doing a trip from Los Angeles area out to Bakersfield, CA and reset my trip meter right before leaving. Pleasantly surprised! This trip was out & back with some local driving around Bakersfield. Same highway route each way, with a 4200 foot high mountain pass along the route. 91 premium...
  11. Plastidipped my lower rocker panels + pinch welds

    Was curious to see how they would look blacked out & have been considering line-x'ing the rockers + pinch welds. Definitely love the subdued look versus how it was from the factory. Before: After:
  12. Coolant Reservoir... 2 Levels?

    Hey All - Just was checking my fluid levels after wheelin' this past weekend and noticed that there are two levels on the coolant reservoir. Does anyone know if there is one level we should trust more than the other? The one on the right (#1) is at the min. line, while it's halfway between the...
  13. 7MT Crawl Gear Grind - Synchro?

    Hi All - Just took delivery of my big bend this week and loving it! Does anyone know if C gear is synchro'd? I slightly grinded mine this morning coming down into my underground parking garage. The weird thing was that I had the clutch disengaged (rolling down the downward sloped driveway) and...
  14. 2 door & a bike... will it fit?

    Hey guys. For those who have seen a 2dr in person, would you say that a standard road/trail type bike would be able to fit in the back with the seats folded down (and maybe the front pass. seat rolled up a bit)? With the front wheel off and seat post dropped, I'm thinking it might? Been trying...