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  1. Rear view cam on front bumper! Genius idea!

    Been planning on this type of mod. with the mirror screen being a decent size and also having a camera front facing it seems like a great idea and combo. Since we already have a rear camera no functionality lost. I think stickerfab has a plug and play wiring setup and a new windshield mount...
  2. Old School Reference Books

    I have the Haynes for my old 90 bronco and have one for my 94 mustang gt. Would not mind one for our 21+ just to have a paper copy. I try to download all the manuals and diagrams I can for this suckered. I am in this bronco for the long haul.
  3. Chrome wheels!

    If there is a 0 offset there will probably be a 35 offset but they are chrome either way not bronze and also probably cheaper than going thru Ford Performance. The clear powdercoated alum 703 just dropped like 4-5 weeks ago so it's going to take some time for all normal sizes to be available...
  4. Chrome wheels!

    Should someone tell him? Genx er here as well have a set of torq thrust II's 17x9 and 17x11 on my Mustang and love them. Am not a fan of black rims the wife's car has them. I actually do like the bronze and picked up a set of 703's a few weeks ago.
  5. Method 703 wheels from Ford Performance - installed photos

    Nice machined...almost got those over the bronze. My Mustang has American Racing TTII's but the bronze looks soon good too...tough choice and looks nice.
  6. Method 703 wheels from Ford Performance - installed photos

    I really wish they had a 0 offset option from ford. Picked up some 703 17x8.5 0 offset last week.
  7. 74weld stage 1 steering upgrade DIY install

    Thanks for sharing there is a nice vid from 74 weld doing a build of the whole stage 3. takes a lot of the mystery out of the assembly.
  8. Windshield cracked for no apparent reason

    Got my first crack about 30 days after pickup. It provides the daughter and I something to do while waiting at her bus stop...we count the cracks. Now the little chips cracks....might as well count the stars it would be faster. Sorry to read but sadly it's to be expected with a near flat...
  9. I take apart a broken 2.0 steering rack and discover a broken Broncbuster bushing

    Awesome video thanks for sharing. I know 74 weld was initially a little timid about having a stage 1 offering. In planning a little more long term upgrades the next big mod I want to do is around the steering. Preparing to go all in on a stage 2 is a spendy solution but 2.0 rack in a 74...
  10. Window Retraction Issue

    I have had this issue as well.. my current problem is the reset down and hold and then up and hold for a few seconds...as long as 20 in 5 second increasing attempts is no longer working. Auto down works but auto up does not. I plan on going thru the noted calibration/measure to set the up...
  11. Spare tire reinforcement bracket 35 to 37

    I have been thinking about getting one of those rigid receiver hitch rear tire deals and running a delete kit when running around town/daily driving. also the turn and even raptor stuff.
  12. 37 x 11.50 R17 Nitto Recon Grappler

    100% agree would live to see other tires and sidewall ratings. I really dig the pipe deflection test to the point I think it should be a spec KPI on all tires. The only cold weather nitto exp I have is the 555 street and DR...holy crap the cold performance was like ice skating
  13. Lets see why you bought your Bronco!!

    Have always liked the bronco in all body and gets. Had a 90 EB in college. Always wanted another one and the 6th gen was about perfect timing. Love mine...probably the last new car I buy and I am only mid 40's. Have no intention of selling and will replace the engine/trans/axles/tcase if...
  14. Now Available: Panda Motorworks 2021 + Ford Bronco Plug ’n Play Full Digital Dash Conversion Kit

    If you are looking for local manual Broncos I drive past your place every day to and from work. Live in Wentzville and work in Erf shitty...well the murdering heights part.
  15. 2022 Badlands Stabilizer Bar

    something is up with it not having the button. Might not be a real badlands but a close copy and being sold as one. Might have had some kind of repair and the buttons are not correct. Ford might have built it wrong. I would say check the VIN and see what it comes back as and see what else...
  16. Sneak peek at a new wheel coming soon from ICON: Recon Pro

    Just when I think I make up my mind on a set of Method 706's....damn it back to between those and ICON. I wish the rock ring was on the Rebound as I like that rim style a little more but these look to have more material so and that rock ring is something I am very interested in. My factory...
  17. Hoss 3.0 vs billet housing 2.0

    Interested as well...but my guess is that the 2.0 in the 74weld housing setup will be more durable than a factory stock 3.0 setup.
  18. What's up with Jeep guys

    Thankfully my interactions have been positive. The neighbor that is the 2nd house up the street from me bought a diesel rubicon right before there was a stop sale due to some fuel pump issue. Anyway we went on a day trip offroad adventure and had a blast and plan on another soon ish. While in...
  19. Total Bronco production and sales numbers to date (as of 8/4/23)

    There is also a pull thru or lag between produced and sold. You have shipping and dirt mountain type things that can delay. Sold iirc is the final sale being recorded
  20. Best on-board air compressor mount

    Probably going the mentioned American Adventure Lab tailgate mount. I have a ARB single already that I planned in mounting under the hood. Looking at the AAL stuff they also have a battery tray setup I would like to run. If I am running wire for that...not much more for the compressor.