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  1. Close and personal with the Frankin Heritage.

    Found this on the tube.
  2. Im only here to use up internet space.

    The long term members of 6g will know what this is. I found this on Instagram and as far as I know there was no audio.
  3. Could be good. V6 Manual transmission.

    Jump to the one minute mark. Take it for what it's worth. This guy says a ford Rodeo event worker said there will be a V6 7spd. Cheers.
  4. Bronco6g members dropping the ball.

    I don't think I've be here 2 years. Others have been here 4 years. And over a full year ago we had guys breaking into joints with tape measuring devices for trunk inches. Data sheets for suspension heights. Back end servers for grill specs. Math nerds were on high alert. Now we have...