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  1. Bronco tool kit engraved and included from factory [pics] 🛠

    Snagged me one of these out of the Amazon. TorxPlus Bit Socket IP40 in a 1/4" sq drive option rather than the most commin 1/2 sq drive option. Bronco tool kits always come with a 1/4 drive set and an IP50 but not the IP40 for mod bumper bolts. Those do not get torqued down hard anyway and it...
  2. Bronco Build Week 1/29/2024

    ya they are the ones I ordered on it, I love them. You have to check the tightness of the bolts once in awhile, they can loosen up some over time. We ordered them on our last Bronco and had a great experience with them. You do have to watch rubbing your pants on them getting in and out, they can...
  3. Bronco Build Week 1/29/2024

    Man its beautiful, my dream is to have that same build in a 2 door for me. Still have a little left to pay off on my Mustang and I can start keeping an eye out for a pre-owned one
  4. Bronco Build Week 1/29/2024

    A little over 1,200 miles in and we could not be happier. As with our previous Badlands Bronco this Wildtrak has been perfect, well done Ford, well done..
  5. Change Driveline Fluids Early!

    Realistically anything bigger than a lawn mower trailer or over 1000 pounds is classified as heavy towing with a Ford SUV thats not an Expedition with tow and an ELSD axle and 9k tow 😁
  6. Change Driveline Fluids Early!

    Is their an ideal temperature range to drop and change the fluids? Should you drive it a little, let cool and then do it or Sunday morning job after its set over night? I think your statement " 75W-90 in the front and 75W-140 in the rear and call it a day." is going to be the best route, I did...
  7. Change Driveline Fluids Early!

    I speculate you are correct about the bulk oil option they were offering for what I am trying to accomplish.
  8. Change Driveline Fluids Early!

    I think the service center was just more curious as to why I would be straying off of the recommended for any warranty concerns down the road. I had brought friction modifiers initially when it seemed like maybe they were talking about bulk gear oils of the right weight, they said they can add...
  9. Change Driveline Fluids Early!

    My 2024 Wildtrak landed a few weeks ago. Ordered the FP rear diff plate, was speaking with the service center and told them to hold off ordering the gear oil and just get the cover because I was contemplating what to do differently. Bronco is at 300 miles, wife has a business trip next week...
  10. Bronco Build Week 1/29/2024

    Me and my wifes road pony/dirt pony duo is complete and now matching. I still miss the eruption green Badlands, wish we had the funds to keep both Broncos. Wife is super happy to get adaptive cruise back again.
  11. Bronco Build Week 1/29/2024

    The Wikdtrak was sitting there in the morning sun this morning at the dealership. My wife is absolutely thrilled, Ford and the union folks rolled it out perfect all the way around 💙
  12. Bronco Build Week 1/29/2024

    Oh wow, VINView had some action on the Bronco tonight. It appears to have hopped on I-70 tonight out of Wentzville earlier headed this way
  13. Ford Dealer Lots OVERFLOWING! Bronco Lot Rot

    Have you seen another manufactures dealership lot empty? They are all full where I am not just Fords. There are almost new Silverados stacked up as lawn ornaments in peoples yards and fields for sale everywhere, the lots are full. Just speaking on Jeeps alone the Fiat lots have been stacked on...
  14. Bronco Build Week 1/29/2024

    My wife is definitely getting edgy at this point 😆 I don't blame her though; it was probably awkward for her having the Carvana truck picking up our green Badlands in front of the house, but we couldn't wait any longer while ours sat in Wentzville. Last time, our Carvana and the dealership's...
  15. Bronco Build Week 1/29/2024

    Mine hit this area and just went ghost and never made it on a truck to come my way. Glad I went ahead and let Carvana get my trade in Bronco yesterday, this hold up in Wentzville would have cost me another couple grand trade in value drop. Current ETA at the dealership with their visibility...
  16. Bronco Build Week 1/29/2024

    Mine spent the 24 hours behind the belly dancer joint in Decatur then hit St Louis and looks like they are still trying to figure out how to get it to the other side of St Louis to Wentzville, off the rail car, on a truck a few hours away to me. Couldn't hold out any longer, offer is accepted...
  17. Bronco Build Week 1/29/2024

    Mine is finally sliding into St Louis this morning The dealership has had an Edge sitting in Wentzville for a few weeks now waiting to get put on a truck, was hoping they wouldn't move it till my Bronco got there and off the rail car, dealership just got a notification the Edge is on the way...
  18. Bronco Build Week 1/29/2024

    For my Bronco to make it to Wentzville in time to possibly make it here for a Thursday delivery, its going to have to leave from up behind the belly dancer joint in Decatur IL :LOL:
  19. Bronco Build Week 1/29/2024

    Looks like my Wildtrak got side tracked and pinged behind a belly dancer joint in Decatur Illinois and has been a ghost on the freight tracking system since through both VINView and automated railroad line every since. * NS Norfolk Southern 1. Call 800-635-5768 2. Press 2. 3. Press 2. 4. Enter...