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  1. Would you Revert to Old Times?

    Until the EMP goes off …
  2. New Camper Looking for Where to Start

    Comfort while sleeping is paramount. I had a nice Cabelas cot, but it is too large for this rig. An air mattress is comfortable but make sure it is insulated so the ground doesn’t suck all the heat out of you. The thicker, the better.
  3. Manny tranny owners, would you do it again?

    Saw the description for checking automatic fluid level, where it has to be hot and running, and you need a glove to prevent burning. I thought how glad I was to have a MT.
  4. Power Sources for Camping

    The Jackery likely can be charged via the 12v outlet. I can do that with my Bluetti.
  5. WOLFBOX Jump Starter Review

    I thought a review would actually test the functionality. So we have no idea whether this would start a Bronco, nor for how long it would last if the Bronco is reluctant to start.
  6. BRONCO SEVERE DUTY STEERING UPGRADE KIT now available from Ford Performance Parts!

    Have you tried discount code SHOP524 for 20% off? It worked yesterday.
  7. Ford Performance winch mount

    I'm seeing the factory winch for $2000 now. And with a 20% discount ( SHOP524 ), makes it very tempting ... Edit: ah, what the hell, I went for it. Had it shipped to a dealer so no shipping cost.
  8. Ford Performance Rear Differential Cover Installed Impressions

    Thanks, I was able to get 20% off and shipping was $10 which included a hood deflector.
  9. Cloth Heated Seats - What Years and Models?

    I wouldn’t know, I live in the Pacific Northwet. But I understand good ones are cooler in summer: https://bobistheoilguy.com/forums/threads/sheepskin-seat-covers-must-have-or-mostly-hype.62077/
  10. Cloth Heated Seats - What Years and Models?

    Heated seats were not an option for me since I wanted a MT. Sheepskin works just fine and is comfortable.
  11. Some cat backs are sold as being 2.3/2.7 compatible?

    There was one advertised here recently that had hangers for both the 2.3 and 2.7.
  12. About to purchase…. Opinions

    The market has changed recently whereas in my area last fall dealers still had ADM driving up the cost of used Broncos. Buying a 2 year old car is the smarter move, but when used prices are that close to MSRP, then the choice to buy new becomes easier. Ordering a new car was fun. I hadn’t...
  13. Which do I pick?

    Make sure you are familiar with all the doodads before taking it on the road. I set off the pre-collision alert twice on the first drive home …
  14. Any Recommendations for a Tire Patch Kit?

    I’ve used the Stop and Go tire repair kit for years on my motorcycles. It uses a mushroom plug and I would trust it on the trail. https://www.stopngo.com/collections/cars
  15. 2024 Badlands - to SAS or Not

    I waffled about the Sas package but I need to pay this off in the next year. Seen too many upgrades people made to their Sas components, so the extra $8k for Sas ultimately didn’t make sense. I have front locker envy, but I never even needed a rear locker in the past for the kind of off-roading...
  16. 2.3L ecoboost V4 vs 2.7L V6 for towing capabilities ?

    My 2002 Range Rover had a towing capacity of 6500lbs, but only 222 HP.
  17. Should I get another Bronco?

    That missing Ford emblem makes me think that it was fixed due to an accident, but not reported. (If that's possible.) It's weird they didn't replace it nor the front tow hooks. Something isn't right; I would walk away.