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  1. ASE certified shop in twin cities?

    I’m looking to get my ford performance engine tune installed on my bronco. Anyone have a lead on a shop that can do this and help me keep my warranty intact? I’ve gone through three different dealers and they are all unable to assist.
  2. Is this a factory grille on this red bronco?

    It looks like it doesn’t stick out as far as mine. I’ve been looking for a more retro style grille and not just one painted to look different but one that sits more flush with the hood and fenders. Maybe it’s the photo was taken but this grille looks a bit more like what I’m looking for.
  3. Whose beautiful 2 door wildtrack is in Tulsa?

    This is my view outside of my hotel. Please don’t move it until I go home on Thursday. Unless you are going to give me a ride around town.
  4. My wife recorded my son’s reaction when I brought the Bronco home

    My youngest son Henry is obsessed w all vehicles. He loves our old wrangler when we had it. He will sit in our Humvee and play in it for hours like it’s a jungle gym. However I’ve been waiting for my bronco for nearly half his entire lifespan and it finally showed up today. Here was his...
  5. Wasn't there a custom graphics thread?

    I swear I saw a "show me your custom decal" thread where people were posting their custom wraps, vinyls and paint mods. I either suck at searching this forum or ...i suck at searching this forum because I SWEAR there was one. I am working with a local wrap co and wanted to share my design as...
  6. Does this mean I’m actually schemed or do these change?

    Is it safe to get excited or could this be another let down? I saw this on the log I. Link where you plug your order number in the url. Does this actually mean what I think it means? I’m very skeptical at this point but it’s the first thing I’ve ever seen in relation to my build moving forward.
  7. IGH Ford - In Minnesota

    My dealer said (drink) they have 15 allocations for the rest of the year and currently have 18 unscheduled builds remaining for 2022. I asked what this means and he says this means they still plan on building these 15 for the rest of 2022. Three unlucky builds will get pushed to next year due...
  8. Cactus Gray 4-door painted hard top with paint matched grill, fenders, metal bumper

    Wife sent me this on Instagram. It’s not mine. Wish I knew how to save the video. It is an interesting look. Maybe a bit too much of one color for me. Top looks great.
  9. I’m confused and need an expert

    I’m hoping someone can help me understand what my dealer is telling me. Two months ago I received a call saying I have a build date for 3/14 but no VIN. Still there’s no VIN. I have been pre-viewed but not scheduled. I also still have a build date of 3/14. Is my guy just clueless? I’m...
  10. Full send of a 4 door!

    Not my video. Love it though.
  11. Bring a trailer bronco ends today

    I’ve been watching this guy’s auction for a while. It’s nearing the end today and I wonder what it will go for. 2.3L Badlands Manual with LUX https://bringatrailer.com/listing/2021-ford-bronco-badlands-4/
  12. Saw an AMB out in the wild

    Second time I’ve seen this guy. First was with the top down but I couldn’t get a photo. This marks the 4th time I’ve seen one on the road in MN.
  13. Are trail sights removable?

    I am afraid to post this thread. I swear I searched and maybe it’s an unpopular opinion. Are the trail sights removable? I haven’t seen a new bronco in person with the hood up to see for myself. Would it be possible to remove the trail sight and cap the cavity left by the removed part with a...
  14. Actual images of your custom vinyl?

    I’m wondering if you have a collection of images that you can share of your custom vinyl that you’ve done so far. I saw on tiktok you had a black stripe done on an Area 51. Was that your work?
  15. Bronco on 4" lift with 37s by Maxlider Brothers

    4" lift with 37s
  16. Tried to bump up in line

    I attempted to bump up in line today because of all of the hard top versus soft top comments I’ve been seeing on the forums. I asked my dealer if I could switch from a MIC top to a soft top to try to get ahead of the group. I was told I’d also have to remove Sasquatch and LUX package to make a...
  17. My USAF 1994 M998

    I purchased this Spring of last year. Wife made me sell my 89 Wrangler as part of the deal. It also knocked my car out of the garage spot but it’s worth it. I’ll plan on keeping this and my 4dr Bronco. It was coated in premium line-x which took away from the cool woodland camo however it has...