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  1. Finally finished my Grabber Blue Bronco custom repaint! 😁

    That looks fantastic! F the haters! Looking forward to seeing it around Utah (I'm in Draper).
  2. Dual Battery Concept

    Love it. I assume I could plug my portable solar panels into it when overloading to keep it topped off? I'd be interested in it to keep my fridge powered as well as a CPAP at night, and recharging LED camp lights during the days. Oh, and a switch that allows my vehicle battery to be jumped by...
  3. Garage door opener not working after getting caught in rain

    That’s happened to me as well. Works again after drying out. I’ve learned to fold the visors down if there’s a chance of rain. 😀
  4. Unobstructed Rear View view Cargo Shelf

    It looks like if anyone needed the extra storage it was you! :) Looks great and thanks for the shoutout!
  5. Updated: Check 4x4 warning alert - 4A

    They replaced a transfer case module on mine, however, your symptoms seem very different from mine. Good luck!
  6. Holes (mounting points?) on rear of roll bar?

    I haven't seen a template but some of my customers have drilled their own holes for nutserts. Main advice seems to be to use a new or sharp drill bit as the roll bar is made of a very strong boron steel.
  7. Hardtop/ Roof rack Removal

    I have a JCR rack on my 4dr that can be a half rack or a full rack. I just removed the front portion and am running a half rack on my rear clamshell. I have the removed front rack hanging on my garage wall and my clamshell hanging from my ceiling hoist in the garage.
  8. Utah Looking for a salvage soft top for parts

    I appreciate the offer, but I found what I was looking for
  9. Rock Hard 4x4 Sliders installed pics 🍔

    I’ve been shopping for some new sliders and those look good. Is there enough tube to use as a step? My wife would appreciate that.
  10. Utah New Bestop Slantback windows only

    I have a set of two side windows, and one rear window for sale for a 4 door. Never used, still in the box and no scratches. $100 plus shipping with my business shipping discount
  11. Utah Looking for a salvage soft top for parts

    Anyone have one? I just need a couple of parts so the condition isn't that relevant. Tell me you tried to park in the garage with the top partially open! Maybe your seams are coming apart and your OG was replaced? Will obviously pay for the parts as well as shipping of the parts needed...
  12. Colorado FS: Rock Sliders Goat Fab for 4-door

    Do you have the packaging for them? Can you give insight into packaging dimensions and weight? I'd like to calculate shipping to Salt Lake City area to see if that's cost prohibitive.
  13. Colorado FS: Rock Sliders Goat Fab for 4-door

    Did I see this on Facebook Marketplace as well? I think it said "no hardware"? If so, what's missing?
  14. Now Available: HAVOC Offroad® California Brief Top

    As a small business owner as my side job, and a Product Manager for a large corporation as my day job, I can’t fathom why they would let this product go to market?
  15. Height of Hardtop vs Soft Top & Parking Garages

    I’ve viewed, but not measured the differences for clearance of my traction board brackets and the soft top is definitely a little bit taller
  16. Now Available: HAVOC Offroad® California Brief Top

    I guess there's no need for an XM antenna cutout like some of the other mesh tops? Obviously won't interfere with signal, but is there a weird bump under the fabric back there and will it prematurely wear in that location? Otherwise, I really like it. I'll order tonight!
  17. Chase Light suggestions?

    Great use of the brackets! I spy that those aren't the black stainless bolts I sent you. did you go this route so you could double-nut?
  18. Portable power supply

    I use mine quite a bit when camping off grid in my RTT. Your solar panel looks a bit meek so you may not get a ton out of that. Maybe upgrade that if you find that you're using the battery a good bit. I have a Bluetti EB70s with 716Wh capacity and I use it often to power my fridge overnight...
  19. Any new options for electric steps that are also rock sliders?

    Ha. Given I have to have a "real" job with PVO on the side, I don't think I have the time or skill to build my own. :) I'm still trying to figure out how to build a secure but easily removable cargo box for the rear where I can store my crap when the top is off.