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  1. What’s This?

    Looks like the edging they put on the metal seat frame to protect the covering material from sharpish edges.
  2. Fuel Economy Gauge Cluster Rolling MPG avg question

    I could be wrong, but I've come to the conclusion that it's meaningless for decoration only.
  3. Heavy Rain Warning Messages

    No. No problems. I'm an old guy. Drive for many years without electronics. I just started to think of all the threads that reported multiple warnings and then the truck either shut down or went into limp mode. Thankfully, the Bronco was only behaving normally. I'm mid 60s, so have driven most...
  4. Heavy Rain Warning Messages

    Was driving home this evening in a really crazy thunderstorm. Torrential rain, 60-80mph winds, VERY limited visibility, and occasional small hail. Driving 25 on a freeway marked at 75 in heavy traffic when I got a series of warning messages. Front camera obstructed, cross traffic warning...
  5. Are frame sub parts available?

    That is awful. Another beautiful race red Bronco smashed up. Makes me sick after what I went through. Yours does look fixable, but it certainly won't be cheap.
  6. I have my Bronco!

    Beautiful! I miss my Race Red base squatch. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the Wildtrak, but white is boring.
  7. Traded for Ranger

    Best of l luck with the Ranger. When I wrecked my first Bronco I really wanted to replace it with a Ranger Raptor, but they weren't available yet. Had to "settle" for another Bronco.

    Assuming it's installed and locked it may take awhile. There are only 10,000 possible combinations (or 1000 if you bought the 3 digit version). You might have to try nearly all of them before you hit on the right one. Either that or an angle grinder with a cutoff wheel and buy another one. I...
  9. Sasquatch worth it on a non Sasquatch?

    It's a great deal. Go for it if you want and / or need the Sasquatch package.
  10. In LOVE with the Bronco! Want to leave car...

    Hey, financially it might not be the smartest thing you ever did, especially with that commute. You'll be spending about 50% more on gas in addition to the higher cost of the truck itself. But, this IS a Bronco forum, and nobody here is going to tell you not to do it as long as you won't be...
  11. Tried out 3W floor liners mats. Nice

    These snap down just like the factory mats, and they do not move. I've had mine for a few months now, and they are great. I have the trunk mat as well. Also very nice.
  12. Curt wiring harness for LED lights aux power switch ok?

    Not sure about that, but it's really not that difficult to run it to the battery as instructed. I put mine on one of the extra terminals on the battery
  13. BD General Grabbers blooming

    It's very common. You may be able to slow it down by cleaning the tires thoroughly with a good tire cleaner and a brush and then applying a tire dressing. It will eventually come back. It's is not a defect and will not in any way damage or shorten the tire life.
  14. Radio Stays On - w Doors off

    Yup. Either that or it will turn itself off in 10 minutes or so
  15. Performing the Trailer Light Check for Towing a trailer

    Mine works with a four flat. From what I've read I shouldn't have that feature since I didn't get factory tow, but it works just fine with my aftermarket wiring setup.
  16. (fun list!) Bronco accessories to be avoided! (keep it friendly)

    I hope you have better luck than I did. Who knows; they may have improved it since I bought mine.
  17. (fun list!) Bronco accessories to be avoided! (keep it friendly)

    For my original Bronco I bought one of those Ford accessory Molle Panels for the tailgate. Mostly because I don't like the interior look of the tailgate. Found it pretty much useless. The clips didn't fit quite right and the cheapo adhesive wouldn't stay stuck. It for sure isn't up to holding...
  18. Auto-High-Beams are Enough for “Reasonable Suspicion”

    Thought I wouldn't like auto high beams, but decided to give them a try anyway. I have normally used high beams very sparingly. Using them only rarely and only on lightly trafficked rural highways. The auto beams are a new experience for me, but I find them unobjectionable. Could easily live...
  19. Lug nuts questions

    Whoops. Was going from memory.
  20. SAS ride quality on interstate highways?

    2300rpm at 80 with the 2.7. Very comfortable on the highway. Only drawback is the gas mileage. I'm getting about 17.5 at 80.