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  1. I Did The JBL Soundbar Flash In My Mid Package Today

    So, I did the JBL Soundbar flash at GAS today, without the soundbar. So we are all clear, I have a two door Wildtrak, In which I have removed the two rear seats. So sound is setup for a two seater. I also carry furny pads in there for moving gear around, and those help knock back the bix box...
  2. California FOR SALE 2 Door Wildtrack REAR SEATS. NEW. Never Farted in EVER.

    I did a rear seat delete in my two door Wildtrak. I have two brand new, never sat in rear seats for sale. Perfect condition. I'm in the LA area. Local pick up preferred. Let's talk price...
  3. Who's Got The Best Way To Open Tailgate From Inside?

    So who here has figured out the best way to open the tailgate from inside the truck? Say when sleeping or camping in it. Isn't there an emergency release inside the plastic cover? Has anyone modded one with a handle? What is everyone doing for this? Thanks in advance.
  4. Have Some Money? It's For Sale -- Eruption Green Heritage Build w/ white roof & grille, pinstripes, script emblem

    My salesman sent me this photo a few minutes ago. It's for sale at Galpin. Check out how sweet the pinstripes are!!! GAS did the build. Wonder how a Ford dealer got the script badging? Hahahahaha!
  5. What Fire Extinguisher and Mount Is Everyone Using?

    I want to get a fire extinguisher for my two door Bronco. What is everyone using? What extinguisher? What bracket? Thanks.
  6. Prompt Volume Help Please

    This may have been covered here before, but I haven't seen it. Is there a way to marry or combine the prompt volume (navigation) with the audio volume (music) so that the volume knob adjusts them both together? Sometimes I get in to drive and the navigation yells at me, and I can't hear the...
  7. Easy Add XL Cup/Water Bottle Holder

    So we all know the Bronco doesn't have many water bottle holders. None that size really. So I added an OR water bottle holder to my passenger side grab handle. It easily holds a liter of water. Or beer. Or whatever. It velcro's on, and the handle is still usable. Other brand water bottle holders...
  8. Who Makes a Good Offroad Flag and Pole for Wheeling?

    I bought a flag mount today from Bronco Graveyard. Who makes a rad flag and pole combo for offroading? What are your recommendations?
  9. Sport Mode Staying On Now. Rad.

    I don't drive in Sport mode very often, but I do like it. I noticed driving around today and running errands, that it seemed to stay in Sport mode and wasn't asking me each time I started and stopped the engine if I wanted to stay in Sport mode. I have done extensive Forscan, including removing...
  10. Digging My New StickerFab Visor Warning Deletes

    I got my StickerFab Visor Warning Deletes the other day. They call them a Sun Visor Warning Overlay I guess. I did a wet install, and I think that makes it a lot more simple to apply straight and even over the warnings. They go on easy and fast, not even a one beer job, more like shot and a hit...
  11. Speaker Upgrade Slight Rat Salad. Warning to Others.

    So I've chimed in a bunch on the other threads about speaker upgrades. I think it's a must for the Mid Package. I won't go into which speakers are best, or whether or not to cross them over. That is not the intent of this post. When I first put my four 4" speakers in, it was snowing and cold as...
  12. Covercraft Sun Visor Pretty Much RAD!

    So I ordered a Covercraft UVS100 Premier Series Sunscreen for my Wildtrak. I ordered it in white to match my Bronco. Well, let me say that it fits perfectly. It snaps into place and lays totally flat against the glass. You don't even need to use your visors to hold it in place. Its made up of...
  13. Display Screen Protector a Must

    Well, I received my OCD 8" display protector this evening. As I was cleaning the screen before application, I noticed the screen was pretty badly scratched where the most popular car play buttons are. I've only had my truck about 4 weeks and already scratched! A screen protector is a must I...
  14. Headed Into Big Snow Next Week, What GOAT Modes Are You Using?

    So I'll be heading into some serious snow driving conditions next week traveling north to Tahoe. It usually is the worst on Hwy 395 going towards the pass at Lee Vining. I think it's over 8000 feet. Its a 4 lane highway with some twists and elevation changes. I'll be driving in the snow...
  15. What Mud Flaps / Splash Guards With Wildtrak?

    I've been reading different conflicting things about the Ford splash guards not working with the Wildtrak/Sas package. The $50 ones, not the $450 ones. What are you running for flaps? Anyone have any pictures? I'm heading to the snow and slush soon and would love to get something installed asap.
  16. Who In LA Area Can Help Me With ForScan?

    I can't wait to install the ForScan in my Bronco. Who here in the group is in the LA area that can help me? I can come to you. Cash, beer, whatever. I would be so grateful, I happen to have a bunch of time off next two weeks. Thanks! Please!
  17. Who In LA Area Can Help Me With ForScan?

    I can't wait to install the ForScan in my Bronco. Who here in the group is in the LA area that can help me? I can come to you. Cash, beer, whatever. I would be so grateful, I happen to have a bunch of time off next two weeks. Thanks! Please!
  18. Who Makes a Rad Screen Protector 8" Mid Package

    With driving in dust and doors off, who makes a good screen protector for the mid 8" screen? Anyone have any links or one you have used and any advice? Thanks.
  19. Scheduling 1500 Mile Oil Change Today, Dealer Said Let It Ride Til 7500 Miles

    So I called my dealer today, a Larger one who has delivered many Broncos, to schedule a 1500 mile oil change before I take it to the snow in Tahoe and the Sierras for the holidays. He said let it ride til 7500, that's what Ford recommends, and my Ford Pass seems to agree. I'm having him look...
  20. Who Makes the Best Windshield Sun Shade for Bronco?

    I'm ordering a few things for my Wildtrak. Who makes a good sunshade? What are you all using? Thanks for any advise.