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  1. Mountains2Metal Rear Shock Skids with UHMW

    Any of these work with the Icon coilovers?
  2. Limiting Tailgate Strut for 6th Gen Bronco....

    Ordered this strut and it’s pretty solid. Only complaint is that it’s just slightly too short. I have to manually manipulate the rubber when closing the glass on the hardtop.
  3. Show us your installed wheel / tire upgrades here! (Pics)

    Stock height (for now) Badlands Sasquatch 37x12.50x17 BFG ATKO2 all terrains 17x8 Method Bead Grip 703s (0 offset).
  4. Best Bang for your Buck on the 42,000 Points

    I used mine on the Actiontrax recovery boards.
  5. Installed Dash Camera

    Do you have a link to the full-time power adapter?
  6. My Overlanding Build!

    Nice, thanks. I see another Smithey fan as well. Love that stuff. I was surprised the AAL listing doesn't show the inside of that drawer at all (without the cutting board 'lid')
  7. My Overlanding Build!

    How much space in under that cutting board in the fridge slide?
  8. Goose Gear Stealth Rear Seat Delete - my review

    I'm interested in getting the 60% seat delete in my 4door, but don't really want a drawer as high as 8" on the driver side, nor their fridge enclosure. I'd do it if the drawer were 4", maybe, because I do want to run a fridge slide on the driver's side. I know it says that one of those modules...
  9. What do you have wired into your auxiliary switches?

    Here you go: Quite liking the heretic light bar. It’s quality stuff. Figured I’d run half white and half Amber, so I could pick which mood I was in. lol
  10. What upgrades needed to run 37” tires on a Badlands Sasquatch Bronco?

    Absolute minimum for me on my 2024 Badlands Sasquatch with 37” BFG ATKO2s was a Lobo Offroad crash bar delete. In addition to replacing the front crash bar.body mount with that, I also cut off the rear crash bar (by the firewall). No rubbing so far, but I haven’t done any serious off-roading...
  11. What do you have wired into your auxiliary switches?

    1 - Heretic 40" combo LED roof rack light bar 2 - Heretic 20" combo LED amber bumper light bar (after I swap bumpers) 3 - Oracle mirror lights 4 - Heretic BA-1R amber LED Pod ditch lights 5 - Baja Designs RTL LED light bar (rear of roof rack - planned, but haven't done yet) 6 - Heretic amber...
  12. Texas Warn xd9000 winch $300 cypress, Texas

    Also includes a cover!
  13. Texas Warn xd9000 winch $300 cypress, Texas

    Includes an aluminum fairlead and a wired controller
  14. Texas 40” CREE led double row light bar, Cypress, Texas $400

    40” CREE LED double row light bar by Trail Worthy Fab. Comes with some generic mounting brackets. I didn’t like how the double row looked with my roof rack, so I never installed this. Pickup in Cypress, TX. $400
  15. Texas Warn xd9000 winch $300 cypress, Texas

    Warn XD9000 winch. On bolt in roller bar is broken and needs to be replaced. Won’t fit in the bumper I’m going to use. Pickup in Cypress, Texas area. $300
  16. Texas Sasquatch tires & wheels, 578 miles. $1300

    578 miles on4 of them, zero on the spare.
  17. Texas Sold: Sasquatch tires & wheels, 578 miles. $1300

    5 Stock Sasquatch 35” tires & wheels, cypress, Texas. Including lugs and TPMS. Still have the factory stickers on them. $1300 pickup only.
  18. Lobo Off-Road WNC Front Winch Bumper

    Any sales coming up any time soon? 😇
  19. Build Showcase: Justin B McBride's Bronco Build Featuring TrailRax Parts

    I’m curious how he had the water port mounted. I attached mine to a pax rack plate using the two slide together pieces (that would normally go on the water port hitch mount), but the shape of the water port while filled with water just seems to have too much leverage on the plate. My plate...
  20. What's an EASY hack/fix that REALLY improved your relationship with your Bronco?

    I went with the blue, in large part because I’m not a tint guy, but it still adds an anti-glare. If you want to tint your front windows, it might be too dark to see with the blue, so I’d get the clear version in that case.