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  1. New! 5" Lift kit from Fabtech Motorsports for your Bronco

    So... The two different kits, one with and one without shocks/struts. From another post when you mentioned to "stay tuned" I have the BDS kit now and have 6100 Bilstein's that just came in that I am about to slap on. I don't want to lose those since they are new. I didn't see new UCI's with...
  2. Roush FLASH SALE here at Lethal Performance!!

    How about a 10% for the BMS CAI :cool: ... Asking for a friend lol.
  3. Finally finished my Grabber Blue Bronco custom repaint! 😁

    BADA$$ my friend! Looks great! Love it!
  4. Anything scarier than running out of warranty... which extended warranty to get (if any)?

    Ford ESP's only, Premium Care. I am sure the other Service Managers and Directors on here would say the same thing too, dealing with 3rd party ones is becoming a bigger joke.
  5. Just got her home!

  6. What are you hoping for MY25?

    Full size based on 150 chassis with the 5.0, removable top like Gen 2-5. Oh wait, it will be $125K+ and take 4 years to build with order banks opening August 10th lol. Hey, a man can dream can't he! Maybe offer the 3.0 as an option in the upper trims, go to the 3.5 in the BRaptor. The 2.7 is...
  7. Mikellis Body Lifts

    *Update* Body lift came in, great quality and quick shipping. My fear was the gap which is why I only went with a 1/2" lift. I am not thrilled with the gap, I really didn't think it would be that noticible but to me it is. Since it is on I won't take it off but need to figure out something...
  8. Missing Accessories / Parts in Bronco Aftermarket?

    May have been mentioned already but old school half doors for when the top is off, simple and light weight. Not tube doors but old school half doors. Maybe they make them but I haven't seen them yet.
  9. New Vendor Here!! FABTECH w/ Our Heavy Duty Tie-Rods & Other Bronco Parts

    Great to have y'all here. Any plans on a bigger than a 3/4" lift? I am running a BDS on my SAS now with 37's but want to go bigger. I haven't found anyone but Belltech that is attempting it. I talked to BDS the other day and they aren't at this time. Rough Country says their 5" kit will...
  10. Mikellis Body Lifts

    Just ordered the 1/2" lift from Mike, super quick on the response to my email and super reasonable for pricing! Thanks Mike! Dave
  11. Grilles, Grilles, Grilles - BRONCO, FORD, or other?

    OR grille your mouth / teeth This fool was trippin' and got all up in my grille. by PG January 26, 2003
  12. Mikellis Body Lifts

    Appreciate the info!
  13. Mikellis Body Lifts

    Awesome thanks for the pix, nice build, love that front bumper!! I saw that video too, appreciate the link! I tried to look up that place he bought them from but I may have typed in the wrong thing as I couldn't find it. It doesn't seem the 1/2" is too noticeable. Many moons ago on one of...
  14. Mikellis Body Lifts

    Thanks! I'd appreciate that. Where did you get the 1/2" from? I was just doing a search and found some on Etsy but not too sure about that....
  15. Mikellis Body Lifts

    Late to the party but since buying 1.5 wheel spacers I need just a hair more clearance for full turn lock with 37's. I am not a fan of body lift's because of the gap. The 3/4 looks good but I still am not a fan of the gap. I was on the site and didn't see any 1/2 inch spacers. In the opening...
  16. Does spare tire have TPMS sensor?

    Told you that you're going to the wrong place lol :cool:

    Thanks for the vid. Is that a "narrow flare" one in the video? My question comes in because the standard flare one looks super big, wondering how much more cut down the narrow is.

    Do y'all have a pic of the "narrow flare" rear bumper on a Bronc?