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  1. Anyone else miss a hand brake?

    Change is hard....electronic is fine... you know it's engaged because you hear it.
  2. Drivers Side - Passenger Window Air Leak - Hard Top

    The DV8 kit is in 2 parts, one plate bolts to tailgate and then there is the cover that bolts on to that plate. The first plate has a foam/rubber gasket that the top part seals against. The license pate could be lifted away from the mounting service with some extra washers I guess. I did...
  3. Drivers Side - Passenger Window Air Leak - Hard Top

    SO I played around with adjusting the passenger rear door glass, raising the window up helped a little. I also noticed that there seems to be some leaking air on the hard top as well as around the license plate light on the DV8 spare delete. I loosened the spare delete plate and that seemed to...
  4. Bronco Sasquatch Beadlock Ring Vinyl Wrap (Set of 6)

    I imagine this is ok if you never leave the pavement... I would like to see that receipt and the quality of work. I gave up on color matching bead locks, rocks tend to leave marks. Guess if its a street princess or graded roads you are ok.
  5. Domestic Dieselgate

    It did not affect my 2023 Ram 3500, for those on the Ram forum who had this recall, it was a simple computer update. Owners have not reported any negative affects from the updated, trucks were pretty much as they were before the update form a performance stand point. I had a 2017 Ram 2500 I...
  6. Ford Accessories Awful Customer Service

    WHO doesn't have crappy customer service these days?
  7. Drivers Side - Passenger Window Air Leak - Hard Top

    Nothing in the Cargo area, and no spare tire carrier.
  8. Drivers Side - Passenger Window Air Leak - Hard Top

    When my AC is on, recirculate turned off, fan speed above 4, I will get a whistle noise form the drivers side passenger window at freeway speeds. When you stand outside you can hear and feel the air rushing out at the top of the window or between the hard top panel and body. The dealer has...
  9. Trip Report: Back Way to Crown King Az 3-9-24

    Would run this trail again sometime, let me know!
  10. Trip Report: Back Way to Crown King Az 3-9-24

    I considered this line, but that hole looked deeper now.
  11. Sedona AZ - Broken Arrow in Bronco Big Bend

    A guy that worked with UniSource in Sedona just moved to Tucson and he said Sedona is always packed, which is good for Tourism I guess. I try to avoid it tho.
  12. My Front Locker Failed Me, I could use some guidance please.

    Sometimes just turning the rig off and back on can reset some of the electronic gremlins.
  13. Bronco Raptor Drowned!

    Although I do not advocate drinking and driving, merely charging someone with DUI is not an automatic that they were under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  14. Loose fastener bouncing around in door....hmmmmm

    I would ask the dealer what it is - they take door panels off all the time - let them fix it if needed -
  15. I asked my local Ford dealer to install the FORD PERFORMANCE PROCAL 4 CALIBRATION

    I installed mine in about 40 minutes, including the time to update the ProCal. My dealer told me the warranty is intact regardless of who installs the tune, he basically said FORD would have to prove their tune damaged something, which is unlikely because thats like saying its defective. - plus...