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  1. Virginia B and M Short Throw Shifter for 2.3

    DM me for shipping address and quote
  2. Is a plug and play harness absolutely necessary if installing a key 200.4 and 500.1

    Also the right way a shop should do this is build a harness and not splice all these wires. By the time they are done building a harness you have spent the same if not more for them to build the harness. So spend the money on a harness that someone has built a few hundred times already that’s...
  3. My soft shackle failure experience 🤕 -- The Off-Road Recovery That Almost Killed Me

    When considering where a rope should fail, the middle is no different than any other random area of the rope. In re To add, An important part of planning the recovery is asking a; am I in the line of fire if something breaks? Is anyone else in the line of fire if something breaks? What’s the...
  4. Still going! Icon Tie Rods $240 on Amazon! Be gone Bronco TAX!

    Almost pulled trigger on these and saw Dorman tie rods now available. They look more capable than the ford performance tie rods. Look to be as capable as icon tie rods, better boot design than icon. Total price shipped $228 on rockauto. part number TA87445RD
  5. 74weld stage 1 steering upgrade DIY install

    well now I'm less worried about snatching the icon deal. Dorman tie rods are now available and look as good as the icons (better in some regards) for about $199 a set on rockauto. part number TA87445RD. They are even larger in diameter than the ford performance tie rods.
  6. 74weld stage 1 steering upgrade DIY install

    I'm over analyzing. Have a 23 badlands with 35s. It's either stage 1 with new tie rods or just leave it alone with already installed R/C bushings. Carry spare tie rods for cheap and know exactly my weak spot that is easy to fix on the go
  7. GEARSHADE: Custom Made 8" Subwoofer Enclosure

    I installed the subwoofer box. And sadly took only one in progress pic. Fits perfect. Great job gearshade.
  8. Ultimate 2023MY PRICE PROTECTION Flowchart

    I got stuck as well and paid the new MSRP with private offer deduct. No further price protection
  9. Ultimate 2023MY PRICE PROTECTION Flowchart

    September 2021 original Order. Took delivery on May 1. I presented dealer with all of this info. They basically said don't believe what you read on forum. There is no price protection outside of what Ford private offer is. Had to make adjustments to the order to drop sasquatch, and signed...
  10. Steering rack bushings cheap options and alternatives. Reviews pending!

    They presented their argument in terms of stiff connections. With delrin bushings these would wear in for the none-eccentricity.
  11. Steering rack bushings cheap options and alternatives. Reviews pending!

    Tricky, I'm getting my Bronco next week and collecting all my parts. Badlands, lift with eibach springs, run 35s. Will install steering bushings. What would you do for tie rods (leave them alone or JK sleeve, or something else). thanks for advise
  12. 2” Spacers or springs lift kit?

    My badlands comes in next week (none sasquatch manual). I will tell you what i'm doing and also recommend what I would do in priority of cost I would absolutely not use strut spacer which will over extend the OEM shock length into a region that will stress the CV shafts and steering geometry...
  13. GEARSHADE: Custom Made 8" Subwoofer Enclosure

    Bronco shows up in three weeks with the 6 speaker system sub delete. Just purchased gearshades sub kit with kicker 500.1 amp and kicker speaker. Can someone summarize what else I should acquire for adding to this sub. 1) Do I need to add a kicker key amp to power the remaining six speakers...
  14. Bronco Build Week 4/3/2023

    I dont have email yet that it’s built. Saw on tracker that its built. But when I called ford they said it ships on saturday
  15. Bronco Build Week 4/3/2023

    My blend date was yesterday. Tracker shows built
  16. 3/20/2023 Build Week with spreadsheet

    I would like the 4 documents form my pending delivery
  17. Ford steel fender flares by Bushwacker (installed photos) + 37's, Eibach springs, 1" body lift

    I'm waiting on my delivery of 4 dr 7MT badlands. Have Eibach springs ready to go in. Modular bumper. Lobo offraod winch mount and warn platinum winch. Will be running 315 goodyear tires on icon rebound pro. I'm trying to get a sense of whether the eibach with the 2.3 will be nose high...