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  1. How many miles before your 1st windshield chip/crack

    2.5 months and 1204 miles. Small rock from oncoming car. Small chip. Hope it doesn't get bigger! But, my bet is it will grow. GGGGGRRRRR, damn cheap glass. Wife thought it was a pop can noise. I knew what it was right away, not very load, but I knew it was a rock hitting glass.
  2. My Dealer Set Me Up

    When I got mine they wanted 8.5%. I said no, I'll just pay cash! They didn't like that very much. They went back to the office for a while, came back and said 6 months interest at 8.5 would be $355.00 and they would take that off the price of the Bronco if I'd take the loan. I agreed, I'll...
  3. 2023MY Standard Audio (6-speaker) Subwoofer Delete Mandatory and Functional Amps Removed

    Picked mine up 12/16/22. Built 12/6/2022 Has the sub, the dials, and everything I ordered!1 Glad I got picked for the build when I did. BB 2dr. mid, tow, aux switches, rear locker, keyless keypad!!!
  4. ⏰ 2023 Bronco Scheduling Next Week (10/24) For Production Build Week 12/5

    Built 12/06/22, Delivered 12/14/22. I drove it home 12/16/22!!!!! $680.00 under MSRP
  5. ⏰ 2023 Bronco Scheduling Next Week (10/24) For Production Build Week 12/5

    I received the email Thursday morning 10/27/2022 with a scheduled build week of 11/28. Blue 2 door Big Bend, 2.3, Mid, tow. rear locker, and aux switches! I'm Stoked!!!!
  6. Dealer doing last minute Markups on my bronco

    Dundee Ford was and must still be a very shady Dealer. Dealt with them in the past! Never again. I hope you can work things out. Good Luck