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  1. Ford brand portals

    They still look funny to me even on a Model T :)
  2. Who else is running 5.38 gearing?

    I recently upgraded to a Dana 60 with 5.38 ratio running 38s and love it vs. the 4.7. Who else is currently running with a 5.38 ratio? Did you regear, upgrade differentials, or install portals (what brand), and what size tires are you running?
  3. For bike carrier - what size extender do I need to clear the spare tire, 7”, 12” ?

    I am running the Kuat also but am very happy that I ordered the version that swings to the driver side.
  4. Could rocking back and forth when stuck break your front differential.

    Reverse gear is not as strong as the forward gears. It is the reason you never pull a car out by driving the recovery vehicle in reverse. You mentioned back and forth- do you happen to remember if the incidents happened when you were going forward or in reverse?
  5. Rear Winch Installed

    Having gone thru the installation do you think the APG is necessary or could a mount be fabricated for much less?
  6. Upgrade HOSS 3.0 to ICON Stage 5 - Worth it?

    Before larger tires get a big brake kit from a company like Baer. With stock tires the brakes are satisfactory but could still be improved. With 37" heavy tires you will not be as safe as you were before the upgrade. Brakes are the most important performance item that you can add to a build.
  7. Another ZFG Racing tuned 2.7 Bronco with bolt-ons hits 400whp!

    I already emailed them this morning after your post :) Q. Would their tune add to my existing JB4 tuner or replace it? If it replaces it does it provide for Water Methanol injection and nitrous oxide control like the JB4?
  8. Another ZFG Racing tuned 2.7 Bronco with bolt-ons hits 400whp!

    Are you running E85 or E30 (30%E85 + 70% 93 octane)? What tune are you using? I run E30 on a JB4 tune, love the extra power, but haven't found a 100%E85 tune that could be swapped to 93octane when E85 isn't available.
  9. Adams Driveshaft double cardan style driveshaft installed

    I have a Dana 44/60/1350 being installed in a week- do you recommend going with an Adams vs. the Dana 1350?
  10. A New Kind of Portal

    I am sorry, I was not looking to personally attack anyone. I balance you out- I only have flaps on my rear as my front flaps won't fit any more since going to larger tires. Nice ride!
  11. Need a new tailgate strut

    I installed a Hammerbuilt tailgate reinforcement and had the new strut break followed by the new strut Hammerbuilt sent me. At this point I just want to buy the strongest replacement but can't seem to find them. Any suggestions?
  12. A New Kind of Portal

    While personally I won't use after market parts not made in the US can you at least provide us with what Broncbuster has done to guarantee that the products you sell are not made by children?
  13. A New Kind of Portal

    Haters are going to hate. Can't you see that Broncbuster is the victim? The Vendors are being very unfair to BB- the likes of which the world has never seen before. It's too bad because they only pick the very best vendors and then to get treated like that.
  14. A New Kind of Portal

    Weren't you the same people who brought the manufacturing to China in the first place? What am I missing?
  15. A New Kind of Portal

    Stop defending your un-American behavior. Every 74Weld product is actually made in the US by American citizens supporting American families. I'd feel the same way about seeing a Broncbuster product at an event as if I saw their owner wearing a fur coat- just a classless and uncaring person -...
  16. Need shop to install Dana 44/60 near Townsend TN

    Can anyone recommend a good shop new the Super Celebration that can do a full drivetrain swap?
  17. Help me understand the fuel economics of gasoline containers?

    I run E30 (70% 93 Octane, 30%E85). E85 is not available at most gas stations so carrying pure E85 in the cans allow you to mix in 'E85 Remote' areas.
  18. Trail Clean Up Day @ Badlands Off Road Park

    Why were you winching downhill?
  19. 2021 Badlands Build - Tons of Mods from BroncBuster and More

    My goal is to stay as narrow as possible so I went with the same Dana stuff but decided against portals for that reason. My 38x12.5" Nittos don't poke out at all beyond the sasquatch fenders.