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  1. What is the most fun vehicle you have driven!! Bronco, Wrangler, anything else?

    This is the first thing I thought of. MINI ownership is a cult and for good reason. I love Aprilia v-twins but MINIs are a hoot.
  2. Bronco 2023 incentives in May 2024

    Update: I spoke to the dealer who had discounted Badlands and their discounted price included the extra $2K (regional) incentive from Ford In the end, the Badlands was only $3K cheaper than the order I declined in July 2023 (with price protection). In fact, the ones I was looking at were also...
  3. Bronco EV Conversion

    Not with LFP nor sodium-ion batteries (which I predict will be the next boom). Cheap. No child labor. No expensive Nickel. Solid State batteries are fake news. I can't believe folks actually believe they are legit. I have a cold fusion reactor I can sell you.
  4. Bronco EV Conversion

    These EV conversions will be very popular and cheap. Electric motor, inverter, battery (i.e $7K 60 kWh LFP pack from the Model 3 RWD - and less flammable than a gas engine). Simple, dumb, reliable. Probably sub $15K for a new drivetrain and electronics. None of these older cars will go on long...
  5. Lane assist, is mine working correctly?

    Yeah it’s terrible compared to the true lane centering in BlueCruise. It’s just a warning system.
  6. Bronco EV reportedly on hold until early next decade (⚠️ ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS)

    It's complicated. I suspect Ford is working on PHEVs/hybrids because not everybody can live with an EV. I hope not like the 4xe... while I borrowed one for a week from a friend and it was nice for a Jeep... it's not like the RAV4 Prime (PHEV) I had before which had oodles of power, could drive...
  7. Bronco EV reportedly on hold until early next decade (⚠️ ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS)

    You quote a site that also has articles like this: https://www.dailyfetched.com/pope-francis-conservatism-is-a-suicidal-attitude/ The reason passengers (mentioned in the article) have motion sickness is drivers don't know how to control the incredible torque and basically drive like they are...
  8. Bronco EV reportedly on hold until early next decade (⚠️ ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS)

    Again, right tool for the right job. EVs are smoooooth quiet vehicles that are ungodly quick. They are a hoot to rip around urban areas. I call my Bronco a janky tractor. It's fun and I love it for beach/off-road trips... but brutally uncomfortable for long journeys.
  9. Bronco 2023 incentives in May 2024

    I pinged them and the sales rep was pretty clueless about it. I have the incentives page set to my zip code and have tried others zip codes which don't have the $2K incentive. EDIT: I dug into the Ford website and found the two exact incentives. Bonus Cash Program #11206: Take new retail...
  10. Bronco EV reportedly on hold until early next decade (⚠️ ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS)

    I don't think so... the major issue with PHEVs (and hybrids) is the reliable ones use a planetary gear system instead of a transmission. They aren't even true AWDs as the rear is powered by an electric motor. Ford and Toyota share similar tech - no alternator, no starter, no transmission. There...
  11. Bronco EV reportedly on hold until early next decade (⚠️ ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS)

    Right tool for the right job I say. EVs are fantastic for commuting and super efficient HVAC wise. I can run full blast AC for days without draining the battery to empty. I ran my Telluride for 70-80 mins to update the infotainment (yeah it's stupid process) and it drained almost a full gallon...
  12. Bronco 2023 incentives in May 2024

    I saw this on the Ford website but unsure how one qualify for the $2K rebate - finance with Ford Credit?
  13. Bronco Rap Song

    I ran those lyrics through Udio and got this https://www.udio.com/songs/fZMMpYwExwPQ3VN3BW9gAj
  14. Extreme Off-Roading! Bronco 2-Door

    Fake news. When you mud in FL it takes hours to wash not minutes... the cosmetic stuff on top is not the problem. It's getting rid of all the weeds, mud, etc. underneath and inside the frame rails.
  15. Used Value Dropping Fast

    And the crazy part.. is in 24 that $65K is the current MSRP for a fully loaded 2Dr Badlands. lol https://shop.ford.com/configure/bronco/config/summary/Config[%7CFord%7CBronco%7C2024%7C1%7C1.%7C334A...PNE...765.2DR.BLD.44T.]?intcmp=vhp-seconNav-fbc
  16. Second guessing my 7-speaker audio upgrade...

    Audio newb here. I finally received all the audio components for an upgrade and was talking to an audio-installer and he recommended I don't just upgrade the tweeters but both the dash and 6.5" co-axial speakers together...
  17. Why this guy bought a Rubicon over a Bronco

    You do... this dealer has 7 at MSRP and I've seen green ones before (the color I would have picked). I've seen other dealers with 2-3 on the lot too...
  18. Bronco April 2024 Sales & Production: 8,316 Sold / 11,395 Produced

    Ford trimmed some 24 Bronco prices and dealers are discounting 23s which seem to be moving with $5-8K discounts. Not many left. Ford is seeing the writing on the wall and another month of flat sales and you might see $2-3K new incentives and maybe price cuts later in the year. My local Ford...
  19. Why this guy bought a Rubicon over a Bronco

    I'm glad we have choices instead of just Jeep, Jeep, Jeep... old FJ With that said, I borrowed my friend's 4xe for a week back when I owned a 2Dr Big Bend with no options. The audio system was actually good (not ear bleedingly bad) and the leather seats were nice. That's all the preferred...
  20. GMC Hummer SUV's In Moab Utah This Week Wheeling?

    They are sitting on lots. The demand for a $110K monstrosity is pretty limited. They I was like you... early reservation order but in early 2023 GMC told me they'd produce my EV SUV in 2026 and so I canceled the order.