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  1. Everglades - front vs back due to winch?

    Who has recently received their Everglades and can tell me if the front is lower than the back due to the weight of the winch? Does Ford compensate for this or will it require an aftermarket leveling kit? Just curious as mine is being built this week!
  2. Bronco Build Week 3/4/2024

    Build week thread for all of us 3/4ers!
  3. Next Scheduling for Production - When?

    Any updates on when Ford will be scheduling for production next? When was the last round of scheduling/how far out are they scheduled? All updates welcome!
  4. Build & Ship Time

    Hi!! Current Bronco owner of a 2022 Big Bend I’ve had for 2 years. Now that I know I love the vehicle, I ordered a 2024 Everglades. What is the current turn around time after order that y’all are seeing? I obviously know that the Everglades has more bells & whistles than my current, but I didn’t...
  5. Rail Car Tracking - Help!!

    I’m hoping there may be a current or former rail road employee who can help me! I have been tracking my rail car since it left MAP. It’s original date and destination was Dixiana, South Carolina (auto unloading yard) on July 7th. My rail car ended up being “bad ordered” and sat in Latonia, KY...
  6. "Bad Order" status via rail shipment

    Does anyone have any information about a "bad order" status of a train? Mine has been in this status in Kentucky for over 24 hours with no ETA (previous ETA was July 7th). Any information anyone who has been through this has would be great!