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  1. Transmission Grind - Is yours Fixed?

    Edited Post: This post is a data gathering post. If you have an automatic transmission, it doesn't concern you! If you have a manual tranmission and don't hear any noises coming from it, it doesn't concern you! If you have a manual transmission that is making noise but you haven't addressed...
  2. Trail Etiquette (Trail Mater)

    Just thought I would share this. If it has been posted already, sorry! The more people that see these types of videos the better. Rory explaining some of the issues around the Moab area.
  3. Photo Dump: Lockhart Basin and Long Canyon, Moab

    Long Canyon: Lockhart Basin:
  4. Rear Axle Retaining Nuts

    @flip was wondering if you could help me out. The 4 nuts that are not reusable holding rear axle shafts to housing, could you get me the part number for them? I'm assuming that they are a stretch nut??? They're not a lock nut, don't know why they wouldn't be reusable. Thanks in advance!
  5. How come? Site question...

    Why is it when I'm on my Android phone browsing and go to the newest threads, click on a thread, read it, then hit the back button it doesn't go back to newest threads? It's like I hit the "Forum" button. When I'm on my work phone, an apple phone, it will go back to the newest threads list...
  6. Brakes soft/long pedal after being stuck...

    So today, I went on what I thought would be a easy 2 hour drive in the mountains. It wasn't. I got stuck in some mud and didn't get rescued till 4 hours later. Anyways, my brake pedal is softer and longer. What could have possibly happened to cause that? No issues other than that... Photos from...
  7. Does It Exist - Hero Switch

    Anyone who has a Base, BB, or BD with Sasquatch package and manual transmission, is your hero switch front locker, rear locker, TCS, and hazard? I just bought the hero switch and used a Big Bend with Sasquatch package, manual and the switch also has the swaybar disconnect. I would like to just...
  8. Gaia Freezing Issue???

    Do any of you that have Gaia Maps have the issue of it freezing/locking up when going into reverse or when changing apps? It seems like any time the SYNC screen is changed from Gaia and back, it locks up. I'm using a Galaxy S10 & Android Auto. Has anybody had this issue and fixed it?
  9. Transfer Case Technical Discussion

    So after watching the Lite Brite comparison video and the T-Case being electronically controlled and the issues Kevin brought up, I had an idea. Maybe @flip can help here by posting up the how each 4x4 mode on the T-Case selector switch goes about activating each, 4L, 4H, and 4A. I remember my...
  10. Ultimate Dana 44 FDU

    Looking to buy The Ultimate Dana 44™ AdvanTEK® Front-Drive Unit Axle in the 5.13 flavor with 32 splined inners. I'm assuming it is just the diff side that is 32 splined and CV side is still 29 splined. No mention of that on their website. Anyone in the know on that? I do have an inquiry in to...
  11. SYNC Screen Washed Out

    Just got my Bronco on the 5th. My sync screen is really washed out like the contrast is set to max. Anyone else have this issue? I have a 2017 Super Duty and that screen looks great, this one however looks like crap.
  12. Colorado Badlands Springs/Shocks

    Anyone in Colorado that is getting a non Squatched Badlands and is upgrading their suspension ASAP wants to sell their springs and shocks, hit me up!!!