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  1. Eibach Pro Lift Kit Springs now available for Badlands Non-Sasquatch Broncos

    Eibach Pro Lift Kit Springs: 4-door springs: https://eibach.com/us/2883/E30-35-056-01-22-FORD-Bronco-pro-lift-kit 2-door springs: https://eibach.com/us/2961/E30-35-056-01-22-FORD-Bronco-pro-lift-kit Eibach has just release updated information on their Pro Spring Lift Option. They have...
  2. Badlands with 7MT (Best options for 35" tires)

    Changed my plans and now have a build scheduled. Advise would be appreciated on solid options to lift and level for 35" tires (Badlands with 7MT) - Prefer options to retain the OME shocks - spacer or perch collar? or combination of both - Is there a replacement spring option like Eibach...
  3. Badlands non-sasquatch vs sasquatch

    What are the part numbers for the none sasquatch shocks on the badlands vs the sasquatch shocks. eibach has replacement springs for the sasquatch assembly however they are not clear on if these would work on the badlands bilstien none sasquatch. A possible option for the many people that will...
  4. Texas Seeking modular bumper Houston tx

    Clicked the wrong button. Order has been assigned build date. DM me if you have take off modular bumper to sell