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  1. Happy 4x4 Day!

    Hope you're enjoying 4x4 Day...cheers!
  2. Happy 4x4 Day!

    You must be fun to party with... lol Oh, by the way, check out great deals on 4x4 Day over at Bronco Nation. ;)
  3. Happy 4x4 Day!

    April 4th (4/4) is a great day to get out and enjoy 4x4 Day!
  4. Used Value Dropping Fast

    I purchased a 2001 Bullitt Mustang brand new for 26,500...and still own it today. I purchased my 2022 Badlands Sasquatch brand new for $54,500...and of course, own it today. When you buy your cars to last you a long, long time, used values mean nothing. My advice: Enjoy your Bronco's...
  5. StickerFab Topological Dash Overlays w/ Safety Airbag Cutouts

    So many good choices out there. I went this route, adding a couple of mountains here in Colorado to my dash.
  6. Ford Adds Third Crew at Michigan Assembly Plant to Meet Demand For Bronco And Ranger

    Nice try! lol Most people still do not want EVs for a myriad of reasons...and those reasons are important to them. One of those factors is price and it's one of the biggest factors. Most blue-collar buyers simply can't afford an EV Truck. Then add towing issues for EV trucks along with...
  7. Ford Adds Third Crew at Michigan Assembly Plant to Meet Demand For Bronco And Ranger

    Also note that in the same story, Ford is throttling back Lightning production based on decreasing demand. Bottom line...increasing ICE vehicle production and decreasing electric vehicle production. All based on demand and profitability.
  8. X-Plan Pricing Now Available on Most Ford Bronco Models (Excludes: Raptor, Heritage LE, First Edition) - Effective January 10, 2024

    I logged in to Fordpartner tonight, did a search for local Badlands Broncos and Xplan prices are showing up.
  9. Haven't 100% decided on a Bronco yet, but we really want one...

    I've owned a lot of vehicles over the years and my Bronco is my favorite for several reasons but mainly it's because the fun factor is off the charts! It does everything so incredibly well and looks good doing it. I also love the fact that it's so modular. You can modify easily and make it...
  10. It's Tushy Tuesday! Let's see those rear photos

    I got it online, however they no longer offer this design...probably because they didn't go through the copyright approval process.
  11. NEW: Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac RT Tires

    I've had my OEM Goodyear Territory M/Ts now for 27k miles and love 'em. I have a good mix of highway and off-road miles and I've had zero concerns. Definitely gonna replace with the OEM Territory's in the future.
  12. Bronco as a convertible…

    Upper Blue Lake, just outside Breckenridge. Turn on Blue Lakes Road off of Hwy 9 just outside Breck and follow to the dead end. From there, you can take a fairly easy access road to the lake...and drive right to the shoreline.
  13. Bronco as a convertible…

    Agree! I'm in Colorado and have the top off all Summer and Fall. So much fun!
  14. Going to The Moab Off-Rodeo on Monday, March 18 and Looking for Ideas

    I did an epic 10-day road trip, visiting 7 National Parks, Vegas and Forrest Gump Point. Spent a couple of nights in Moab and had a blast. I'd encourage you to visit Arches NP and Canyonlands NP just outside Moab. If you get a chance, go to Forrest Gump Point in Utah and visit the sight...
  15. Anyone else use their Bronco as an ATV?

    Fun in Colorado.
  16. Okay, let's see them. Your favorite picture for 2023!

    Enjoying the mountains in Colorado.
  17. Not a misanthrope...why I don't like major offroad events.

    I concur. While many enjoy the group stuff (and good for them), I simply don't enjoy it. I'd much rather jump in the Bronco solo or with my wife and enjoy remote areas high up in the mountains here in Colorado. I'm retired (and my wife isn't) so I'm solo most of the time. Exploring new...
  18. CACTUS GRAY Bronco Club

    Just outside Moab.
  19. What is the appeal of off-roading?

    I love the fact that my Bronco gets me to places my other vehicles can't. I'm an ultra runner and up in the mountains often training. I enjoy the ride to and from the trails as well as running them. Win/win for me!